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Euphrosyne: greek goddess of merriment and joy; the direct personification of Euphoria, which embodies a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

getting to know the girl behind the name is simple: simply send a message and indulge me into a conversation. interest me. befriend me because, truth be told, there is nothing greater in the world than spreading love, no matter how little or big you give. a simple "hello" can change so many things, so why not drop one on my wall or private message?

i don't bite — that is, unless you have given me a reason to. i might even be friendly enough to ask for your kakaotalk. who knows? if you do anger or annoy me, however, i will not hesitate to call you out on your . i don't tolerate egotistical douches nor ignorance. i dislike it when people point out my flaws in a non-critical manner and i absolutely loathe those who think they could tell me how i should act. i, without a doubt, despise drama. Don't involve me into whatever the hell you're butthurt about. this is rpr. you should be focusing on writing. keep the drama ic. give me no problems, and i will be more than willing to befriend you.

love is frequent in... ╱ muses
lalisa manoban ╱ ultimate
im jaebum ╱ backup

To be honest I won't join an rp if Lalisa Pranpriya Manoban is unavailable. I almost always have muse for her. A noteable few of my muses, however, would include Jooheon Lee, Lee Hoseok, Son Seungwan, Kim Hyuna, Sophia Chang, Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe and Zendaya Maree Coleman. It would be rare that I stray from Lisa, though.

love can have... ╱ guidelines

001: I can definitely do first and third. Third is more preferred, simply because it's much easier to write in terms of paragraph to novella lengths. I honestly find first point of view quite awkward to do if we were to execute it in a way third is normally done, so I would rather keep first reserved for script threads.

002: My writing is quite descriptive to say the least. I tend to focus on senses and thought processes interchangeably, depending on the plot and mood I am working with. For example, angst plots tend to focus on the the muse's psyche, while a reply based off of the muse's entrance utilizes one (or some) of the five senses. but what i do love writing and seeing is purple prose (flowery). i tend to do my best with that, along with thought processes.

003: i do not expect a thorough plotting process, nor do i wish to start a thread blindly. what does that mean? well, i would like to be able to interact with your character through the chatrooms to develop some sort of relationship/idea on how the relationship would be. i find this method more effective than extensive plotting, only because it's restricting and even explanations differ from actually interacting with one another. one could easily say their character's personality is one way, then write a completely different description during a thread. it's just completely unnecessary, plus i discovered that plotting is restricting on my muse. i like to think of roleplaying as a way to live life in someone else's shoes, which means unpredictability. you meet a person, you go in blind, you get to know them. the angst that does occur should be dependent on actions taken, not because the roleplayers behind the scenes wanted to create a dramatic scenario. i just find it to cripple my inspiration that way.

004: if i have a thorough profile up for my character, i expect you to read it. please take time to check if i have written anything in a layout, because more often than not will it have answers for you. my biggest pet peeve is ignorance, so if you come up to me asking how my character is like and i have already written it on my profile, i will blatantly ignore you. don't get butthurt or be passive aggressive if i do. you should have expected it.

005: do not poke me whatsoever. i keep very good track of all my threads, and i never forget. so oftentimes, if i do not reply, it means i am busy, lack muse, or simply want to drop the plot. it's as simple as that.

006: these days, i have not been much to give lengthy starters and replies, though i do favor them a lot more than simple one-to-four liners. i like having something to work with. now, that does not mean you have to mirror my length exactly, though i would greatly appreciate for you to exert the same effort. if i give you two paragraphs, please give me that much. i would hate to put in so much effort into our thread and not receive the same treatment.

007: sometimes my best writing is put out on this site without realizing it. so please don't plagiarize. i put alot of thought and effort into my writing, and i'd hate for it to be reused by someone else without my permission. that's just an move.

008: if you want examples of my writing, please feel free to ask. i'll be happy to provide.

love continues in... ╱ memories

oh sehun 6 minutes ago Reply
hyuna got a glow up lol i mean she was cute when we used to tiny chat but i hear she's hot these days.

jung jaehyun [A] 49 seconds ago Reply
hyuna: u n u
hyuna: U N U
me: still salty bc i havent kiss you?

hammy 10:12 pm
mary i love u so much that when i see yugyeom i'm like
"hey mary would date that"

gogurt69 7:26 pm
smooches mary gently on the forehead < 3

a haiku for mary:
you don’t as much
as the rest of the world does
please accept my app

ten chittaphon l. › hermes。 [A] 1 minute ago Reply 
lung soojung

doyeon k. › astraea。 2 minutes ago Reply 
my favorite greek god is Μπάρμπι

ong seongwoo 49 seconds ago Reply

zedd 5:37 pm
i love you too babygirl

ten chittaphon l. › hermes。 [A] 3 minutes ago Reply 
it's funny when athena starts laughing and giggling it's honestly so cute too

zedd 7:53 pm
I can't believe ten was your first relationship after coming back alive.
pixels 7:53 pm
i can't believe it either i lucked out

Me 8:13 pm
why am i sleepy at 8:13
im confused
am i a baby
pixels 8:13 pm
yes you are a baby
my baby <3

ten chittaphon leechaiyakul 20 seconds ago Reply
whips out pom poms and does a back flip, landing on one knee and shaking said pom poms

taek-me-to-the-woon 13 minutes ago Reply
knock knock
☆satan daddy☆
I've come with my damned stars
euphrosyne 13 minutes ago
taek-me-to-the-woon 10 minutes ago
do you really
euphrosyne 8 minutes ago
no i actually adore you.

hyuna k。 Jan 27, 2018 19:31:56
also why do you spark muse in me idgi
taekwoon j。 Jan 27, 2018 20:31:19
"also why do you spark muse in me idgi"
I could say the sAME

hansol c。 10 seconds ago Reply
woah mind your language in front of my queen wyd

hansol c。 37 seconds ago Reply
ily too baby.

taekwoon j。 8 minutes ago Reply
minghao x。 1 minute ago Reply
how short are you hyuna

She’s big enough to fill my heart
small enough to fit onto my pIANO

zedd 6:12 pm
that's mei.
the girk in .
because i'd bang her like how i'd bang you mei.

taekwoon j。 6 hours ago Reply
Seriously I think you’re wendy irl
When do you not suffer
When aren’t you confused
When aren’t you adorable
When aren’t you a goddess

hansol c。ˢʰ 2 minutes ago Reply
i love it when you fuss over me #killed.

jeonghan y。 58 seconds ago Reply
hyuna's prose makes me hard

taekwoon j。 1 minute ago Reply
Typical mary
you live and breathe cuteness and you don’t know

taekwoon j。 2 minutes ago Reply
hyuna k。 [A] 14 minutes ago Reply
i... catcalling is...
heavy sighs. it's a normal thing.

all the more reason why--
wraps arms around you protectively
but even I could not protect you from this world

❀ tinashe k。ℋ 1 minute ago Reply
hey jeonghan c:
✿ jeonghan y。 26 seconds ago Reply
walks out
oops i need to put my glasses back, i'm seeing too well right now

taekwoon j。 Feb 20, 2018 5:41:25
Are you imagining me as a sled dog
did you picture that in your head, Mary

taekwoon j。 Feb 18, 2018 21:12:55
reclines in my seat
See, Mary
you never win these arguments with me
just kidding, but I know I’m too ☆irresistible☆

taekwoon j。 Feb 21, 2018 5:22:37
“And a piece of . Like you.”
And yet you adore me. C’mere let me give you some hugs
“I can’t let you die wtf”
Well... we’ve been here before. I can’t let myself die, no. Who else is going to remind you of your cuteness each day?
☆c'est moi, ma belle princesse☆

✿ doyeon k。 11 minutes ago Reply
glues a princess hat to tinashe

jung jaehyun 18 seconds ago Reply
ily mari mwah ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Mary’s a little .

kihyun y。ʰᶦᵐᵉʳᵒˢ 18 minutes ago Reply
Quick while she’s not here- proclaims my never ending love for her

kihyun y。ʰᶦᵐᵉʳᵒˢ 24 minutes ago Reply
@hyuna k。ⁿᶦᵏᵉ I actually luv you okay you bean

soojung j。ᵖˢʸᶜʰᵉ 28 seconds ago Reply
jaehyun is shrek and the underworld is his swamp

jeonghan y。ᵃʳᵉˢ 3 seconds ago Reply
mary c。ⁿʸˣ12:37:50 AM Reply
jaebum i。ᵗʰᵃⁿᵃᵗᵒˢ [A] 7 seconds ago Reply
I dont even know how to detailed tbh

.................................So help me god I will get a plane ticket to where you are and kick your

lies, deception, fraud, trickery, corruption

yxgurt 11 minutes ago
i can feel its mary mi princessa : D

♟。 jinyoung › psycho7:46:13 PMReply
kanye yes?

♔。 jeonghan › vendetta7:46:01 PMReply
kanye shrugs

♚。 lalisa › viper [A]7:45:46 PMReply
kanye not.

♚。 lalisa › viper10:10:31 PMReply
♔。 ten › sinistro [A]10:10:19 PMReply

i suddenly regretti

♟。 elle › scarlet demon12:45:41 AMReply
// lali's profile is my favorite out of all the one's i've seen 11/10

armani Jun 4, 2018 10:01:18 Reply History
i love u

-lait- Jun 2, 2018 13:22:55 Reply History
i miss you more

yxgurt May 31, 2018 10:39:44 Reply History
u is fine

♔。 lucky › the virtuoso 9 minutes ago Reply
[] holds lisa to the sun with her shinning very bright with sounds like
bc very precious an talented

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]8:57:31 PMReply
[ +* ] i wub u 2 mary my boo

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]11:00:03 AMReply
tis fate indeed
we were meant to beeeeeeeeee

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]11:08:01 AMReply
mary u sound like

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]11:12:16 AMReply
mary mary mary
that means i love u in french

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]11:09:15 AMReply
mary u sound like

♔。 lucky › the virtuoso9:54:40 PMReply
He patted his pockets for his cell, unable to find the device inside. Which brought a grimace to his face at the thought of not having a flashlight. However, whilst searching for his phone, he felt a button on the side of his gun. Supposing that it’s not the “press me ill shoot” button, he did so and out of the blue comes a light out of the muzzle of his gun, lighting up on the floor. “HEY IT HAS A FLASHLIGHT.” He lifted his head, speaking with somewhat of a delighted tone as he held the gun up.

★ sehun o。9:21:48 AMReply
Please don't finger my nostrils in public.

★ jongin k。 9 seconds ago Reply
yeah Lisa you’ve always seemed like idk
regal and proud like gold

★ neels v。 9 seconds ago Reply
lisa is our kween

✩ hanbin k。 10 seconds ago Reply
★ jongin k。3:01:07 AMReply

Exactly. You just scream the colour itself

♔。 ten › sinistro [A]10:43:18 PMReply
mary do you remember that time i said i almost called you marbear my lil carebear?
i think of that sometimes

✩ jennie k。1:19:20 PMReply
★ jongin k。 1 minute ago Reply
★ neels v。 [A] 53 seconds ago Reply
✩ chaeyoung p。11:15:32 PMReply
I haven’t seen too many Lisas yet but I am sure that this one is my favorite

chienno Mar 15, 2018 20:01:09 Reply History
rubs against you to assert dominance

park chanyeol4:14:14 PMReply
it sounds like you have every respiratory sound ever + singing at same time

park chanyeol4:14:37 PMReply
no I like it's so damn funny

park chanyeol4:14:55 PMReply
it's like is funny but then you add your laugh and it becomes hilariousssss

park seonghwa [A]10:25:30 AMReply
fjdghskjghsdgdhs shes one of my bbfs

jung jaehyun. 13 seconds ago Reply

hanbin kim [A]6:54:25 PMReply
lalisa manoban ♡ 55 seconds ago Reply
same thing as
lisa: boutta fight hanbin
hanbin: ur so cute aw

except i wasnt tryna the scorpion

jiwon kim12:07:17 PMReply
My kihyun
Yous also one of my favorite people <3

☼ : jungkook jeon。 1 minute ago Reply
Lisa getting on all her charas
☼ : jungkook jeon。 1 minute ago Reply
U go girl

☼ : mark tuan。7:13:04 PMReply
I would do anything for chungha and lisa.

hissra [A] 1 minute ago

ahjussi: full name ; lee taemin.
password ; my fav vacation spot is in euphrosyne's bed ;))))

☼ : kangjoon seo。 23 seconds ago Reply
okay but lisa baby honey pancake
it's late you should be in be d

☼ : jungwoo kim。6:39:01 PMReply
hwasa i'm in sad hours rn i'm thinking about how like a month from now marks a year since i was there and how long it's gonna be before i'm there again and i jfhshxhsbd i love and miss u so much u r so special to me

☼ : chanyeol park。 [A]6:27:31 PMReply
mad respect for hwasa because she stayed up until 6am and told me a bed time story LMAO

☼ : jaehyun jung。 [A]6:22:22 PMReply
hwasa. my best friend. i know i can trust her and also, shes just a crack person that i love n shows me how to in sign language.

☼ : jaehyun jung。 [A]1:18:46 AMReply
i love you more baby

☼ : matthew kim。10:49:01 PMReply

☼ : jungkook jeon。 3 seconds ago Reply
(you y asl, 10/10 would bang)

☼: kihyun yoo。10:54:36 PMReply
I appreciate you wholeheartedly too lali

☼: jaebum im。 [A]6:18:14 PMReply
Since you asked how i would describe her, i’d say Lisa is the one person who could genuinely drive you mad. Shes quite mischievous, pushes a lot but knows when to pull. When shes soft, she can make you forget about anything and everything bad, it unconsciously has you grinning from ear to ear. In other words, shes one of those rare people who are capable of making you smile at your worst.

☼: jongin kim。 [A]11:17:49 AMReply
my favorite feeling is when someone does something and your immediate thought is “I love you.” like it could be something small or stupid or very typical of them but they do it and your brain is just like, yeah that’s why I love that human

☼ : chittaphon leechaiyakul。 1 minute ago Reply
Hwasa just sent me the cutest ing video i want to hump her
☼ : chittaphon leechaiyakul。1:44:25 PMReply
who wouldnt want to hump that im offended

☼ : chanyeol park。 [A]10:28:38 AMReply
wait so lisa can you sign my prenup

DamnDaehyun Apr 12, 2019 13:35:41 Reply History
/puts the heart in a heart shape box
and seals it with a kiss.
for safe keeping