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#euphbestadminever #thatsmyqueenhoe

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euph goat

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❛ ✿。won seo5:09:17 PMReply
if nobody got us i know euphrosyne got us

❛ ✿。mijoo ryu8:28:02 PMReply
wow thank u my baby eurprhorenonornprheohub

❛ kim mingyu. [A]9:49:09 AMReply
in general you embody that celestial/high class/untouchable vibe paired with like..... a weird comfort..... familiarity? dunno ur easy to get along with

❛ 𝐒 » lucian hwang。5:15:39 PMReply
Can we take a moment to thank nari and her brilliant brain for coming up with this intricate rp? putting in the effort for people to have a convenient place to write and getting Me back into writing at a time I needed it most, all my praise, to be honest

❛ 𝐒 » lucian hwang。5:27:34 PMReply
I just know how much of a perfectionist you are and how brilliant you are at these things and I wanted to be there to witness it firsthand

johnny suh.1:39:07 PMReply
my forever family forreal

badomens Oct 12, 2022 20:12:38 Reply History 
you didn't ask but i love you too

tsujikiri Sep 26, 2021 12:41:20 Reply History 
And I love you

zerose 2 minutes ago
i love you more (ಡ᎔ಡ)

✶ kondou chisa. [A]5:15:33 PMReply
[] sighs time to love another euphrosyne chara

✶ kim yerim. [A]2:10:36 PMReply
[] if it’s euphrosyne, i simply love them, no questions asked

lee chaeryeong. 1 minute ago Reply
[] euphrosyne cult starting when???

shin ryujin. 1 minute ago Reply
((ive just met euphrosyne but.. she ish love.. thats it.. love))

sim jaeyun ʲᵃᵏᵉ.2:16:36 PMReply
hirai momo. 1 minute ago Reply
() stan euphrosyne

sim jaeyun ʲᵃᵏᵉ. 34 seconds ago Reply

kim sejeong10:44:37 AMReply
[] you could say i'd be a part of the euphrosyne harem
kim chaewon10:44:58 AMReply
() wow euphrosyne harem
I'm in! fdafgdf

seo youngho ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ.8:59:29 AMReply
wait gary i have one for you
seo youngho ʲᵒʰⁿⁿʸ.8:59:43 AMReply
even in zero gravity, id still fall for you

from gurt's blog

♡ : donghyuck l. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply 
[] i love the chaotic energy of your jun
but i also love the sass of your hao

♡ : yeji h.8:18:44 AMReply
I adore all of euph's characters
♡ : yeji h.8:19:16 AMReply
I'm not being biased when I say this her jennie from magicians is one of the best au jennies I've met

♡ : dongmin l.8:19:30 AMReply
i don't say this a lot but i appreciate momo u ing

♡ : seokmin l. 37 minutes ago Reply 
♡ : yunjin h. [A]2:27:52 AMReply

♡ : seokmin l. 4 minutes ago Reply 
yes my princess <3

park wonbin 7 minutes ago Reply
she can't read it's ok

park wonbin 6 minutes ago Reply
cha eunwoo11:46:49 PMReply
yunjin: WHY U NO LUVS
eunwoo: <3
yunjin: ummmmm that's kinda gay

park wonbin 6 minutes ago Reply
she does this with everyone (i'm assuming)
cha eunwoo 6 minutes ago Reply
she does
cha eunwoo 5 minutes ago Reply
and then she has the audacity to go
cha eunwoo 5 minutes ago Reply
I'm not a tsun, what!!

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() euphrosyne best admin fr

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omg euphrosyne
✾ ⋰ christopher b. 2 minutes ago Reply
my queen

stigmata 3 minutes ago Reply Replies 

✿ huh yunjin 3 minutes ago Reply 
[] i love you joshuji c:
✿ lee seokmin8:18:57 PMReply
() aww she me by un my heart :clenched: i love u too euphrosyne
✿ lee seokmin8:20:38 PMReply
() add the she called me** bcs im.illiterate

✻ ⋰ jisoo h.9:09:06 PMReply
Reject you? My sweet lil pookie bear baby bean love bug?

✻ ⋰ san c. 50 seconds ago Reply
Userchases euro ph something
✻ ⋰ san c. 45 seconds ago Reply
whatever her username is

lee seokmin. ᵈᵏ6:32:06 PMReply

✻ ⋰ jaebum i.7:22:47 PMReply
@✻ ⋰ miyeon c. wait
i have ur user tagged as “Tag: love me please : (“

✾ ⋰ makoto h. 3 minutes ago Reply
you're funny i like you.

lee seokmin. ᵈᵏ1:04:58 PMReply
i love msging u <3

lee chaeryeong. 37 seconds ago Reply
lee chan. ᵈᶦⁿᵒ12:20:51 PMReply
choi seungcheol. ˢ.ᶜᵒᵘᵖˢ23:19:34Reply
[] euphrosyne is my bias

✧ yeon soonyoung12:29:19 AMReply
NARI PLS I LOVE UR WRITING TOO MUCH its ruined other writing for me u_____u

✧ ban haedo12:12:30 PMReply
haedo: wyd
|my mind: she's either a) making food b) doing law stuff c) picking up her fam d) grocery shopping e) doing her nails
nari: states all of the above

park sooyoung. ʲᵒʸ 13 minutes ago Reply
[] euphro best admin

byun wooseok.9:05:29 AMReply
lee chaeyeon.6:05:10 PMReply
xiao laughing and happy is the best view
disney sighs

zerose [A] 1 hour ago
also bebe …. write something on my wall
euphrosyne 1 hour ago
w h y
zerose [A] 1 hour ago
would u kill me if i said it’s for the aesthetics

Status: “★ ﹕ 2OO2  ⋆  he they ⋆ euphrosyne thinker.”

zerose Dec 23, 2023 17:33:59 Reply History 
/)/) (\(\
( . .) (. . ) ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏⠀ ✶ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏ ͏͏͏⠀i love you so much.
( づ♡⊂ )

mark lee.7:42:20 PMReply
[] i'm grateful for your existence in my life.

Status: “★ ﹕ 2OO2  ⋆  he they ⋆ euphrosyne lover.”

lee sohee。9:42:27 AMReply
[] euphy i'd marry you if i could

❛ 𝐒 » caelum juniper sayre。⁰⁷12:08:19 AMReply
i still randomly think about that novella thread we did that we never finished. trust me when i say your writing now and three years ago is fantasticheartthrobbinghyperventilatingwhenireadpunchingme

❛ 𝐑 » marcello sebastian。⁰⁴ 14 seconds ago Reply
liena’s starters are always delicious

lee heeseung。10:06:52 AMReply
i bought my ferrero rochers yesterday bc i walked by them in the store and thought of you bc i remember you saying they were your fave

⚘ choi beomgyu. [A] 2 minutes ago Reply
sooj, you’re very sweet but hide it behind nonchalant and crack cause you been hurt a lot and you’re trying not to let people see it. you shield more but you still remain sweet and protective of the people you love

✧ l. taemin 2 minutes ago Reply
aww bubs u w u
coming from my favorite yunjin— oh u flatter me

❛ ✿。jaewon im 35 seconds ago Reply 
she ate w this rp idgaf
❛ ✿。cassian lee5:49:32 AMReply
okay but we been knew bcs she ate w all her other ones too

❛ ✿。jaewon im12:40:41 PMReply
euph acting mean like she doesnt fill my heart w joy

❛ ✿。won seo12:40:55 PMReply
euph u are so nice
❛ ✿。won seo12:41:14 PMReply
like small dog trying to be a wolf type beat

❛ ✿。won seo12:44:52 PMReply
ur goated euph we love u

❛ ✿。hajoon yoo9:50:11 AMReply
i love u darling

About Me
posted 05.20.20

Euphrosyne is the greek goddess of merriment and joy; the direct personification of euphoria, which embodies a feeling or state of intense excitment or happiness.

picture credits to the gorgeous sophia chang. 

posted 05.20.20
posted 05.20.23

do not mix ic and ooc with me. if my character dislikes yours, that doesn't mean i dislike you ooc.


i prefer third, past tense. i find it easier to detail than first, although i am open to doing it if you really insist.


my starters and replies heavily vary in length.  feel free to not mirror. i do not think it is necessary to mirror.  sometimes i feel like it is more restricting and impedes on the flow of the thread.  give me whatever feels natural to you.


i can do just about any genre. is only for 20+. most comfortable playing female hetero/biual characters. 


please do not poke me. if you see me begin to get selective with my responses, it does not mean i don't have muse for our plots.  it just means that i feel like i have to think less with the thread i am replying to, if that makes sense.  i try not to be selective, though, so this happens very rarely.


i can plot romance, just make sure that i have written with you several times before.  i only write romance with writing i vibe with. 


some of my best writing is put on this site. please do not plagiarize. 


if you want to see examples of my writing, feel free to ask!

posted 09.08.23
posted 05.20.20
euph / mera / rosy
your mom
- but acts like a +
writing style
third / para
posted 05.20.20
in' w/ me
posted 05.20.20
do not

4th wall, mixing ooc & ic, advertise on my wall and pms. assume mun's character without getting to know her first. 


romance, angst, drama, thriller, horror

main muses

shen xiaoting, huh yunjin, jennie kim, yoo jimin (karina), seo soojin, hirai momo, oh haewon, miyawaki sakura, lalisa manoban, jung soojung, lee chan (dino), wen junhui


writing, watching movies with friends, doing my nails (i always talk about it lmao)

posted 09.08.23
posted 05.20.20