➤ AUBURN HEIGHT ××× AU-based Roleplay ┆ City-Life and 2039 Sci-Fi Mystery ┆ WE ARE NEW AND OPEN FOR APPLYING!

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About the roleplay

Welcome to our beloved residents! Make yourself comfortable around here as we will serve you the best qualities of exploration in this city you just arrived in. The so-called heavenly city set in the year of 2039 is named Auburn Height.

You are able to work, study, spend time somewhere, or both if you can endure the stresses in your head. A detailed build-and-buy system is included along with neighborhoods. Interact with the next doors. Live it like the life you always dreamed of!

What are you waiting for? Come one and start to unpack your luggage, so you may grab a bubbletea.

Wait! That is not the end yet. There is a twist in this town... something that not many of you do realize and acknowledge. Half of the Auburn Height's citizens are secretly possessing ultimate mental powers. They were transformed from the former government facility.

You will never sense their lingering aura for they could have possibly been crossing your side without your consent and just you don't know who did you laid eyes on.

Are you one of them? But what was the purpose behind the experiment?

Admins Team

“Hello, you may call me admin Whist! Or any which you find comfortable to go with. This is surely my first time creating a roleplay here. I only did this back in the asianfanfics hosting for other sites. I would try my best to run my duties well. Your supports could help me gaining confidence too. See you in the roleplay! Plot ideas inspired by The Witch: Part 1 The Subversion.”

— Wooseok / Whist.

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