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Hi, hello, and how are you doing? The name is Anne and I’m looking for a few rp partners who would be interested in creating some interesting stories with me. The roleplay can take place be in either PM or a private roleplay, whichever is easiest.My muse has been running pretty high lately and I would like to capitalize on that by diving into the world of roleplay.

I'd prefer to write in 3rd person but I can do detailed 1st if that’s more your style. The length doesn’t matter much to me provided the content is there for me to work off of. is also acceptable and completely on the table provided it makes sense for the characters and the story. I’d prefer not to do solely plots because that can get heckin boring and there is absolutely no y stuff with minors allowed under any circumstance. If you wish to include or adult themes with me, you too must be over 18. I only play straight females, sorry, but and yuri aren’t really something that I am into. When it comes to universes, I tend to prefer AU of NonAU but I will do NonAU for the right scenario/faceclaim/pairing.

There are many muses that I can and will play but they will all be female. Writing as a guy is still something I’m working on and I don’t really find it easy to do so please don’t ask. For the plots I will go into below, I have some idea of who I’m feeling as a faceclaim for my character but I’m more than willing to negotiate that with my partner. I am not terribly picky about whatever faceclaim my partner wants to be but I can offer some ideas if prompted. I am open to suggestions, other plots and adaptations too so please feel free to mention any ideas.

Faceclaims that I like to use: BoA, Amber (fx), Luna (fx), Hani (EXID), Narsha (BEG), Sandara Park, Park Bom, Wheein, Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar, Kim Jisoo (Blackpink), Leanna Decker (model), Miranda Zhao Yu Fei (model), Angelababy, Levi Tran, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Katheryn Winnick, Emilia Clarke, Hayley Atwell, Adrienne Palicki, Arden Cho, Gal Gadot, Elizabeth Olsen, and Margot Robbie

I try to reply pretty often, at least once a day if I am not busy, but you will typically get a response within a couple of days. If I cannot reply for some reason, I will tell you and try to touch base with you so that you don’t think I have abandoned the plot. I do not expect daily replies but I would like at least one reply a week or messages in between to keep me informed


So here are 5 of my over 20 Available plots. The rest can be found in the rooms of the roleplay. I’m always Muse A unless you’d like to change it up.
Please comment below if you're interested in roleplaying. 


Plot One: 

Like Siblings
Genres: Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Angst, Fluff,

As far back as Muse A could remember, they were like brother and sister. Muse B was a prince and his father, the king, had taken her in and raised her after her parents had either died or disappeared. In everything but name she was considered a princess of the kingdom even though she was not related by blood to the royal family. They had always been close and now that they were getting older, other feelings were beginning to surface. It was time for them both to be married off in order to create political ties and so they were enjoying what was to be their last times together. Would they accept their lots in life or try to alter the future and shape their own destinies?


Plot Two:

Nothing Makes a Better Romance than Zombies
Genres: Horror, Action, Angst, , Romance, Comedy

So it’s the zombie apocalypse and is cray cray. Muse A is a loner survival type who used to be a surgeon before the world went to . She’s competent, capable, self-reliant, y as hell, and has an emotional barrier the Great Wall of China would be jealous of. Already a bit of a sarcastic loose cannon before the fall of society, her lack of human interaction has not done her any favors. She sees what she wants and takes it, including men. After she meets Muse B while pulling a salvage run and they escape together, she rocks his world and he just can’t get her out of his head. Although she has a bit of a soft spot for Muse B, she isn’t exactly about that kind of attachment. The relationship is difficult, volatile, and sometimes violent. Can the two of them make things work do the whole macabre rom-com or will they get each other killed?


Plot Three: 

Angels and Demons 
Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Angst, , Supernatural
Muse A has fallen from heaven, stuck on this earthen prison by jealous angelic rivals. She has freshly touched ground and is still mourning the loss of her wings that were so horribly taken from her back when she comes across Muse B. He is a demon or a vampire and he sees her as easy prey but there is just something about her he can’t shake. Her attitude and spirit are infectious despite her situation and so in some ways he admires her even though she is his antithesis. As things progress he can’t tell if he is rubbing off on her or if she is rubbing off on him, maybe a combination of both. Will he try to help her as best as he can and see that she has a chance at reclaiming her wings or will he cling to her and use her for his own needs?


Plot Four: 

An Entire Galaxy and I keep Running Into You 
Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, , Comedy, Angst
Born on a basically desolate planet and raised to be a priestess until the disappearance of her mother and then her father, Muse A ends up joining in on a smuggling ring and other various crime syndicates to help solve the puzzle. Never staying in one place or with anyone long, Muse A has a hard time making lasting ties with just about anyone because she is so focused on using what she can to find her parents. Unfortunately, instead of finding them she keeps running into Muse B and this morally ambiguous pilot doesn’t know what to do with him. Is he part of the mystery, a distraction, an assassin, or something else entirely?


Plot Five:

Lost in Translation
Genres: Fluff, , Angst, Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy

Muse A is a beautiful model looking for international acclaim as she heads out of her homeland looking for work. Lucky for her she stumbles across Muse B to help her through the culture clashes, gaffes, and language barriers. Her warm spirit and easy smile make her easy to want to get to know but she has a real problem saying what she means and often gets her words confused. Will Muse B help the radiant woman establish herself in a new place or are things going to maybe fall apart in the most wonderful way?


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