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the roleplay
basic info.
In the dark web, a unique shop exists which you can only access through an invitation. The invitations are sent through emails or via a text message on the phone. With that invitation you can open the shop's online site and check out all their products.
They sell boyfriends, unknown creatures created in a secret lab who can easily fit your ideal type. Browse through the hundreds of products and choose your own perfect boyfriend. Every boyfriend has special skills, hobbies, different personalities, various body types, amazing abilities and even flaws. Boyfriends can be similar to humans or be non-human creatures: vampires, demons, angels, fairies, siren, androids etc.
After being created and tested, boyfriends live together in a mansion. When they fully develop their unique personalities and gather enough experience they are put up for sale in the shop. They can be bought or be given as a free 7days trial to customers.
Whatever the customer desires, he will find here. So dont hesitate and click the purchase button. We will deliver your package in a record time!.
rules & guidlines.
1. favorite the rp. upvotes are optional.
2. males only. internationals are accepted too. must be at least 18, international aGe.
3. Ooc you should be at least 18 to rp here.
4.no mpreg allowed. no face chasing!
5. unlimited characters per person. unless you aren't too active. Reservations last for 48h. inactivity is set to 6days with 48h warning before kicking. we only give 3 warnings, if you get inactive for a forth time, we kick right away.
5. no ooc drama. Learn the difference between ic and ooc.
6.please read the extra info page so you get a better idea about how this rp works.
7. password is your favorite song
8. we take pride in our creative events. they are added every month. always read the announcements.
main admin
han jisung
park jihoon
lee juyeon
boyfriend app
full name 
2 traits, 2 flaws, 2 hobbies/skills
species: human/vampire/bunny hybrid etc.
position: top/bottom/switch
customer app
full name 
short bio
position: top/bottom/switch
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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tiredhooman 5 hours ago
Would it be alright if I reserved Woo Do Hwan? If he is available, that is. please and thank you
guccithang 7 hours ago
Left junjie
-loveless 2 days ago
I know I'm on a SH but...would I be allowed to ask for Jeon Wonwoo? ;;
ThatOneSimpleDay 3 days ago
dropping Lee Jinki (but pls preserve him for if i want him back later, thank you ;;;)
ThatOneSimpleDay 3 days ago
dropping Kwon Jiyong (but pls preserve him for if i want him back later, thank you ;;;)
ThatOneSimpleDay 3 days ago
dropping ji changwook
pupboy 3 days ago
okay okay can i get choi soobin?
AshFlower 4 days ago
may i have Cha Hakyeon as my second?
scraps 4 days ago
choi byungchan, pretty please.
Acrylic 5 days ago
can i reserve park haejin please?
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