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                I'm 27 From Israel                

Usually I play Jung Yunho♦

Play only and 3rd pov

 I hate one-liners- I mean I need some muse to reply back ^^ so no one-liners

I'm a mirror writer- I try my best to give a mirror reply ^^ 

is a most for me~ but  I hate weird kinks like daddy/pets/toilet plays

I love db5k and yunjae!!! :) AKTF

If someone wants to rp in pm, just ask me, I won't bite..

Play mostly as a top but I can play bottom also

Junya I really love you my little dragon

Lately became a Baby[B.A.P fan] after seeing them performing in live♦

♦Yunho is my ultimate Bias

♦If you are a cassie/baby or just want to be my friend, you can add me

Time zone GMT+2







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