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Greetings, beautiful! Whether you're looking for a quick getaway or a longer stay, you can feel warm and cozy here at ❝ 今日は! ❞. This is a self paced role play where everyone's encouraged to let their personality and creativity shine while forming many memorises. 
Come join us at ❝ 今日は! ❞ a homely place full of love, silly shenanigans and comfot. We'll warmly welcome you with open arms and aim to provide you with a place to rest your head and relax. Don't be shy, come on in and experience the loving atmosphere we have to offer. thank you for stopping by! 
  guidlines to follow
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ONE. favoriting the rp is mandatory, upvotes are highly apprreciated never expected. upon joinging, all your characters must obtain 30pts within the time limit of 2 days. failure to do so leads to an automatic character leave without warning. fc must be 19+
TWO. Please comment your desired fc's full name and reservations only last for 48hrs. hiatus are 2 months and semi hiatus are 2 weeks. internationals, pregnancies, marriage, adoptions, move in couples and all orientations are allowed.
THREE. Your own rpr account must be 4 months or older in order to be accepted here as well. [ banned faceclaims are those who do not wished to be roleplayed, are involved in scandals, deceased or are married. please do respect this and when in doubt of faceclaim's history ask an admin.
FOUR. oc drama and real bullying will not be tolerated. if issues do come up, don't hesitate to let the admins know. they are here for a reason. please refrain from userchasing and try to be friendly and kind to everyone.
+ keep s on walls or in private rooms/pms. the safe word is "neverland" if the word is used, all topics of a mature/triggering sense must be dropped.
FIVE. hose who have personal rooms must keep there rooms active at least once a week or else the room will be removed. (you can always ask for the room to be returned) We have a One strike rule system which means once you have the inactivity sign that's your only warning.
+ when this occurs you will get kicked out if you don't clear the sign in the next 24 hours. you are always welcomed to rejoin us again if this happens.
SIX. once again this is a semi au which is rather self paced so you're free to change your fc's personality to fit your muse. you may also chose to be an idol or not just make sure to let other know by posting it in your profile. keep in mind that the inactivity is set for 12 days just try to be active as much as you can.
SEVEN 1st and 2nd characters are allowed of the bat. A third fc must upvote. if you have any alts, they must also be active or else you'll get a warning. friendly reminder to always be considerate/ kind/ respectful and inclusive to one another. feel free to rp in the rooms.
EIGHT if leaveing the roleplay do not comment down below. we ask you all to pm the admins when you're leaving and if you fail to so so your character will not be deactivated.
NINE if you have any suggestions, conerns, or really anything on your mind about this rp don't hesitate to pm the admins as they are always happy to help you with anything.
TEN password is your favorite color
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seungmin24 2 weeks ago
lee felix please if possible
DNABleached 3 weeks ago
Kim taehyung please♡
smoothbrainediggy 3 weeks ago
jeon jungkook please?
purrina 2 months ago
may I get im nayeon if she's avail? ty!
comets 3 months ago
hey may i join as choi san? please and thank you!
bearie 3 months ago
rayan xasan pls!
Mino96 3 months ago
Hii can I get changbin reserved
seishiro 4 months ago
hello! may i ask if i.n is available?
emptyhead 4 months ago
hello, I'm gonna be a move in with jeongin! can I rejoin as lee minho (lee know)?
0da1adf4bd2c6b5a6f8b 4 months ago
hey cuties haechan pls
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