ᧁꪖꪗᥴꪮ᥅ꪀ : atz, skz, tbz, and txt poly semi au rp. be gay, do crime 🌈

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At night when the mortals are asleep, the creatures of night come out to play. oh? you think they're interested in you? that they want to harm you? don't be silly, darling. we're only here to have fun and forget about everything until the next day when we have to pretend to be like you. oh wait, I forgot. we really aren't anything like you, are we? after all we're the idols you so admire and waste your money on but what would you do if you knew the truth? that the idols you saw on the screen were what you would only seen in movies and fairytales? and worst of all that they would meet in the dark away from mortal eyes  for more than a fun time?
well, let the fun start~
001: favorite is a must, upvote is welcomed but not necessary。

002: this is an ateez, stray kids, the boyz and txt only rp, ofc, poly and semi au. meaning that everyone are idols here but also a supernatural creature. if sharing isn't your thing, this might not be the rp for you as everyone is dating here. please keep in mind that there will be a lot of around so you better be 18+ ooc。

003: comment before applying, reservations last for 24 hours. if leaving or hiatus, please pm an admin. admins reserve the right to deny some people from joining。

004: inactive sign appears after 10 days, you get one warning the first time but second you get kicked out without warning. you're always welcomed back, though。

005: no OOC drama, IC drama only if agreed by both parties. no bashing, discrimination allowed。 if something happens, please handle it before admins have to step in and keep drama out of chats or you will get a warning。

006: you can have up to 2 charas but they must be from different groups. password is to give me an interesting fact about your supernatural creature。


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kamkam25 2 days ago
uhm what is available
[comment deleted by owner]
shinyechan 5 days ago
applying for kang taehyun!
ashflower 6 days ago
i- coughs
can- can i join as huening kai
strawbebi_07 1 week ago
can i have hyunjae"s wall cleared? thanks
positions 1 week ago
can I apply for jongho pls? :)
deltarune 1 week ago
am i able to apply for chanhee?
sayusworld 1 week ago
applying for ji changmin!
[comment deleted by owner]
Jinfinite 1 week ago
younghoon or sangyeon.. hm...
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