GONE DAYS | College AU ⇢ City AU | The city of Nowhere brings in the new year with a bang!!

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Gone days
welcome to the city of nowhere
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previously a college au. newly city au.
basic info.
 "I get it,
you're doing this because of worries. 
But trust me once ey
I'll take responsibility for the future
Let me be myself
(gone days)  why do you keep saying no?
nevermind the past ey
this is the new generation, go away.
gone days"
welcome to the town that houses the very institute that created  many unforgettable memories for some and even a home for others. nowhere university is located literally in the middle of nowehere. central to the city of nowhere, the school has brought folks from all types of backgrounds to our little town and now we will explore more than campus life together, making sure we aren't living in one moment forever. join us as we nagivate life in our bustling little town and make even more memories!  
h. jisung
rules & guidlines.
we're just gonna spit these to you guys nice and simple.

you must favorite but you don't have to upvote or anything unless you're down for us like that. this places is here for a good time not a long time but don't get ahead of yourselves. we're the most leniant and chill admins but we have limits and wrong is wrong and we call it out every time.
1. we accept all nationalities and orientations but be careful of your fc for people who may not want to be rped, are married or are underaged in real life.  we do not accept fc under 18.
2.all ic drama must be consented upon by all parties and come with warnings for those around you. no ooc drama, period or you will be dropped faster than you can say whodoneit.
3.if you need anything from the admins such as hiatus or leaving or ccing charas, tag or pm us. leave it out of the comments.
5.no relationship bans cause we don't care as long as there is no ooc drama and mature topics are kept i rated areas and you don't facechase cause we'll call you out.
5. involve everyone. for the love of god. do your best. make friends, hang out, help people with their homework. just try.
6. this is not an rp that follows any sort of label, writing wise. we don't care if you just pop in to chat or if you come around to write literate novellas. be who you are. there is a place for everyone.
7. be friendly. be chill. be yourself. don't cause problems. have fun.
8. ask if you have questions. we are here to help!
h. Jisung
ball is life. professional ghost.
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full namehuang rejun
occupation student, nurse, engineer, etc.
passwordwhat is your favorite hobby?
est. 2017
coded by yxgurt


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b14cc37d0180e8411cf4 1 week ago
one day I will tell people im changing around

yo someone confess squirrels love to greentea-nim
captaintycoon 1 month ago
can I have kim lip from artms?
captaintycoon 1 month ago
hi! where do I put my application for the RP?
[comment deleted by owner]
grandemint 2 months ago
hi! can I please reserve enzo vogrincic please?
DamnDaehyun 2 months ago
but lemme be yoon keeho instead
DamnDaehyun 2 months ago
hey add me back
blueydotmp3 2 months ago
hello hello! may i reserve kim hyungseo please? ^^
e1dc7bc4eadf1fe57445 2 months ago
ex-squirrel is glad to see how much this has grown bebs
-skillet 2 months ago
May I reserve Sung Hanbin?
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