Bloom Bloom ❀ happy, cozy non-au ઇઉ est. 030323 ;; ❝ NP : bloom bloom by the boyz ❞ ; We are now OPEN ! Come touch some (virtual) grass with us !

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Bloom Bloom ❀

Bloom Bloom ❀

Bloom Bloom ❀

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about us

bLoom bloom pow! hello there, stranger! this rp is a sequel to a previous non-au rp known as darl+ing where our goal is to spread good and happy vibes here only. this rp also promotes touching grass virtually!  please do give us a chance and see you around <3.



our guidelines

Rule 01: please favourite the rp before commenting in this format : "(character name) is ready to touch grass!". upvotes are optional but extremely appreciated.

Rule 02: reservations for each character only last for 24 hours.

Rule 03: all characters must obtain at least 50 pts upon the first 48 hours joining.a warning + another 24 hours will be given to those who failed to do so before resulting in a kick.

Rule 04: no minors are allowed as there will be a rated room in place, this is to prevent any unwanted incidents to happen. keep rated related matters in rated room/walls/pms only.

Rule 05: first two characters are free, third will require an upvote + 400 pts on each characters. you can get two (2) members in the same group if the group consists of 10 or more members. inactivity is also set to 7 days!

Rule 06: safe word for each room is bloom bloom. please change the topic upon this word being said in the room.

Rule 07: no internationals, models/ulzzangs, youtubers, idols that have said that they do not wished to be roleplayed, deceased, troublesome and married faceclaims.

Rule 08: as this rp is meant to be chill, please be reminded to keep all ooc drama off the ic chat. facechasing, userchasing, ooc drama, bashing, user dropping are strictly not allowed. please keep all your drama off this place, thank you.

Rule 09: always be respectful and friendly towards others. be inclusive. pw : rephrase one of the rules.

Rule 10: if there are any issues, please pm the admin. when leaving, please pm the admin about it as well. thank you! 


Note about applying: please remember that reservations only last for 24 hours and you are required to get 50 pts in the span of 48 hours. the red inactivity sign will appear after 7 days.

Full name + stage name(if any):

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

A love with you is the reason.I don't want to wake up from my dream.

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

admin team

lee jaehyun

main admin


character name



character name



character name



character name


width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher


established on



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genre of rp

chill nonau


member count

++ members


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2048e61e1930134f0e4e 1 year ago
Hwang yeji is ready to touch grass!
minori [A] 1 year ago
— checked ! <3
052128d15b1b425d58da 1 year ago
sorry to come in and ruin the perfect feeling of the comment section

this place is cute ngl

but im struggling .. on either muse a or muse b x.x
ssaram 1 year ago
jeon jungkook is ready to touch grass :^
charmer 1 year ago
lee jihoon is ready to touch grass!
ca3ee7df0f71638f47b7 1 year ago
lee chan is ready to touch grass!
minori [A] 1 year ago
— checked ! <3
realgnotos 1 year ago
Kim Mingyu is read to touch grass!
iBANAYNAY 1 year ago
choi byungchan is ready to touch grass~!
smoothbrainediggy 1 year ago
kim taehyung is ready to touch grass!
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