𝓢𝓵𝓸𝔀 𝓲𝓽 𝓭𝓸𝔀𝓷 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓶𝓪𝓴𝓮 𝓲𝓽 вσυи¢у: Happy Valentine's Day

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— opened on:
21st August, 2023
— type of roleplay:
non au
— featured on:
27th august, 2023
— upcoming events:
valentines(title tbd)
head admin
fukutomi tsuki
co admin
jeon jungkook
co admin
wang yiren
— about

Slow it down, make it bouncy 지금부터 fly

좀 다른 spicy 청양고추 vibe

If you wanna know how,

I can show you right now

우린 만들지 bouncy 불이 붙어 fly


Welcome to the Bouncy Zone, a space where everyone can have all the fun that they desire. Come join the fun and become one big spicy family!The admin team wishes for this to be a judgement-free and safe zone for everyone that joins and hope they all feel the same!


The bouncy team wants to make sure everyone feels the love. Don’t be afraid >:) Have fun and enjoy your time here as much as possible, because if you’re not having fun, what are you doing you silly bean?

— ban
banned faceclaims

standard bans such as married, problematic, deceased, do not want their faces used, etc.

banned users

very self-explanatory. any extra accounts made by banned roleplayers will be kicked out with zero warning.

— rules

Please favorite before applying! upvoting is not required but is greatly appreciated. Comment below with your faceclaim's full name & occupation (group, soloist, actor).


Characters and roleplayers must be 18+ to be accepted. Faceclaims must be 20+ for rated content. We have a maximum limit of 4 characters per mun; do not attempt to use alt accounts to gain more. If you are caught doing this(without explicit permission from an admin), you will be kicked. See character request room for instructions.

Please do post a simple profile (ie, name, group, age and preferences) and be sure to hit 50 pts in 48 hours.


We do not accept any ooc drama of any kind; this includes, but is not limited to, harassment, passive-aggressive behaviour, spreading rumors, and more. If you find yourself having any issues that you are uncomfortable with or were unable to solve on your own, please message admin tsuki asap and she will do her best to resolve the issue at hand as quickly as is possible.

note: all forms of harassment can result in a permanent ban from all roleplays set by the admin


Inactivity will be set for 14 days. You will receive one warning and will need to become active within 72 hours. If not, you will be kicked from your character.  :> 2nd inactivity will result in automatic kicking.


Please keep the roleplay as inclusive as possible and try to refrain from tagging in main chats (like main or rated). Tags should be in respective roleplay sections. Inclusivity also means not overstepping boundaries! the safe word is: skadoosh. When this word is said, immediately change the topic!


Please see the hiatus & cc room for all information regarding hiatus and cc. 

character requests information will be located in its designated room.

general requests has its own room as well! 


couple ban of 1 week. move-in couples are allowed, please put in your application who the couple is and put in the couple's room upon acceptance.


Lastly, have fun! This will be a relatively chill roleplay, so just have fun, be safe and be yourselves heheh \o/.

— application
full name
fukutomi tsuki
group / occupation
ooc & ic age
your gmt
summarize 4 rules
insert here


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chikookiehope [A] 4 months ago
RP reopened to:

ephemerxl 6 months ago
fromis_9 nagyung please?
chikookiehope [A] 6 months ago
liminal 6 months ago
tbz’s kim sunwoo pleek
Veldora 6 months ago
the8 pls
Dontlookforme 6 months ago
uhmm can I have Uchinaga Aeri added pls
chikookiehope [A] 6 months ago
sayonarababy- 6 months ago
He wants to slow it down and make it bouncy lmao
sayonarababy- 6 months ago
Jeong Yunho
Gimme my puppy please
attitude 6 months ago
can i get kang seulgi pls
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