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OPEN ON [Dec 30, 2023]


Come and join the multiverse with us!

Status : Open
orientation : all
Genre : multi - au
Style : Multi-Pov
Writing : all

Welcome in multiverse!



read rules before!

faceclaim's Name:
Jung Hoseok
name (if changed from original):
park youngseo
nonau / au (state what it is)
faceclaim's age:
read rules
gmt +/-

• • •

A disturbance between worlds and their timelines has created a rift between many universes. An inter-dimensional portal that leads into a world big enough to encompass a whole city. Here, many people from many different alternate universes can convene outside of their own original world. From ordinary human beings living their daily lives to even the supernatural.

Keep in mind, each alternate universe has their own rules outside of the inter-dimensional world. These world-specific rules maintain the structural integrity of each alternate universe. Afterall, it would be weird for a purely human alternate universe to constantly witness fictional events in their world right?




Favorite rp before applying, upvotes are appreciated! 


Comment down below a name of your character and the universe they're from. human / supernatural / nonau.

your character doesn't need to have the same name as their faceclaim.

follow the example below in your comment.

Example: Jung Hoseok named as Park Youngseo in a supernatural universe as a vampire.

Remember! Your character will still be listed as a copy of the faceclaim in the character list.

(Droids, Ghosts, angels, demons, vampires, hybrids, ABO, shapeshifters and whatever else are not humans but are considered supernatural)


1 faceclaim can have up to 5 characters, but is limited to only 1 nonau version. this limit may change in the future as we gather more people to encourage others to be creative first.


applicants can have up to 2 copies of one faceclaim but cannot have more than 1 nonau faceclaim from the same band.

example: have two hoseoks, 1 from nonau, 1 from human au, and 1 Jimin that cannot be from nonau but has to be from human or supernatural au.


at start, applicants can have max 3 characters.  4th character requires a blog post and at least 100 points of activity on all characters.


Do not request faceclaims under the age of 18, problematic people or deceased idols.

All orientations are allowed.

Move-in couples are allowed.


Inactivity is set to 14 days. after you receive a warning you have 24 hours/1 day to become active again, or you will be kicked out. You will get Two inactivity warnings. After third you will be kicked out.

You can request a hiatus for 2 weeks, which may be extended for another 2 weeks. If you know you will need a whole month, inform admins beforehand. 

If you don't become active after your hiatus period ends, you will be kicked out, but your character will be banned for the next 3 days preventing others from claiming it. hiatus =/= inactivity, requests for hiatus after 1 or 2 inactivity warnings won't be accepted, unless you explain the situation to both admins in pm.


We encourage you to plot; ic drama is allowed and welcomed! Be wild!

Any ooc drama in ic chats is strictly forbidden! keep ooc in ic chats to a minimum as well. If you have a problem with someone, resolve it in private. If it starts to affect others, you will receive a warning and the admins will get involved.

Please try to be respectful, we are here to have fun and enjoy our time together. Password: your favorite book, if you don't have one, your favorite movie.


We are inclusive; we have rooms for people who do not enjoy crack and for those that do. (spam, crack, etc will allow crack)


You can request a world room representing the universe your character is from. Every character you apply for can have their own world room.

For more information, please go to
room requests


You will have a week to fill your profile with the following basic information:
Faceclaim (if you changed their name), age, universe, orientation, occupation (if not nonau)



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uwantsum 1 day ago
hi can I cc seunghun to cha eunwoo?
swansong- 2 days ago
Can I have Hwang Sujeong aka Nizz as a human in the human universe pls, thank you ♡
melozennie 1 week ago
may i please reserve lee donghyuck + human + enhanced as a second character ?
goodbones 1 week ago
could i get kim mingyu as a human in a hybrid au pls
swansong- 1 week ago
Hello love, I'm here! Can I have kim chaewon as a cat hybrid in hybrid au universe? (I hope I did this right lol)
uwantsum 1 week ago
can i get kim seunghun as a puppy hybrid in a nonau universe?
uwantsum 2 weeks ago
reserving bae jinyoung named as bae subin in a supernatural universe as a moon rabbit ♡
[comment deleted by owner]
smoothbrainediggy 2 weeks ago
could i please have jeon jungkook nonau as well as min yoongi human?
Burn 2 weeks ago
I would like to cc to do kyungsoo, still supernatural, and vampire. I just don't feel taemin anymore.
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