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immortelle roleplay


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in search for

• Suzy!
• A guy for Feifei ;-;
• Name Here
• Name Here

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currently revamping. 

— Updated by feifei, October 15th


about us

'Immortelle' is a word derived from French language for 'Immortal' which means never to be forgotten and everlasting.
Here, we'll help you to learn to love endlessly, like what defines Immortelle.
We're neither your friends or your foe, but we're here to be your family.
We'll give you the best love experience, besides of never leaving your side, yes, like what defines immortelle.
We promise you'll never get left behind as well, we are all fair and square! now what are you waiting for? come and join us now, let's love!



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SJV1144 3 years ago
I'll be on hiatus from 10 to 20
SJV1144 4 years ago
applied as Kai
SJV1144 4 years ago
can I apply as kai since the current one is inactive
xiaoxuebo 4 years ago
I could help out and be an admin^^
StupidLove 4 years ago
can i be suzy ?
ShomoShownu 5 years ago
I'm sorry but Yongguk is leaving. too many rp's
dead_inactive 5 years ago
Applied as Eunji
--vikseu 5 years ago
can you add yoonjo from hello venus pwease.
Unique-ness 5 years ago
i'm sorry but lime is leaving. *le bows bows*
Ryoku08 5 years ago
Could you add Amber from F(x) please?
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