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Where Dreams Take Flight








Dreams Really Do Come True 


❝We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.❞ —Jesse Owens


​Heyyo people~ DorkyTaeTae Here C: I really really hope that you will have a great time in this Roleplay (: I want you guys to just be yourself and have fun ^^ If there's anything here that is bothering you, just tell me :) First thing, You won't see me posting alot lately cause my school started and my hours online are limited T.T But I want you guys to go crazy and have fun here~ Crash and burn all you like xD I'm an ultimate stalker cause I have to stalk to see if you are only sticking to you wall and lost the courage to post e_e Then I'll seen you my courage pull and push you into the fire pit~ TEEHEE~ If you want free Icecream you can come and look for meh cos the icecream shop is mine xD And I'm super nice! Unlike what Zico said >< Read my character profile to know me more ^^ I'll reply everyone if you guys <3 I'm everyone's friend <3 Love Ya *flying kiss* xD

             XOXO, Your Bestest Friend TaeTae <3 

Co-admin Zi-a-co in the house~. Anyways, I'm nice, I don't bite okay? Come and talk to me if ya' feel lonely. Give me cookies and I'll love ya' forever (candy as well). Don't be afraid of posting in here, no one bites (i do  8D - only if i need to ._.) so don't need to be afraid. I'm better then Tae *^* she's a meanie /pouts/ I'm really nice *^* /slapped hard/ anyways, the three admins are here to help you if you need us. Tae is the stalker and funny dino, Hana does the layout and stuff, shes a cookie o n o;; and Zico plays around a lot~ ._. spam king in here nice to meet'cha. I'm a little lazy so ... yeah I'm not always updating and that stuff...I do layouts once in a while. I do always reply to everyone so...come to me *^* Also my list is growing /slapped hard. ANYWAYS join the roleplay and have fun~ We're here if you need us~

Leve from,  the Best admin eva Zico /slapped hard/ Zi-a-co

Co admin Hana at your service! /salutes/ Alright I'll begin introducing myself. My name is Park Hwanhui but everybody calls me Hana, its okay if you want to call me Hwanhui ouo uh okay what should i say... Okay so I usually handle the layouts but Zichoco edits them sometimes too. You can request a room in request room and then just wall me the pictures of your rooms and patronus! the room will be available in three days ouo (jk, it usually finishes in a minute) ((LOLOL that's totally a joke since html code makes me dizzy). Well Zico already explained our personality so what am I gonna say here?! TAETAE ZICHOCO HELP ME!!!! /cries an atlantic river/ back to the conversation. I'm a lazybutt so don't expect a quick update or whatever HOHO. And yes, I am a cookie. And no, you can NOT eat me. I'm one of a kind cookie. And I'm very nice /cough/ so post something in my wall and I'll be sure to reply you! Well enjoy your time here peeps! And if you're reading this and not a rper here JOIN JOIN~~ FREE LURVES FOR YOU!

Sincerely, hwancookie hana, Park Hwanhui

Co-Admin Choding is in the house! The name is Lee Sungyeol or better knwon as INFINITE's 2nd Visual. YES I AM THE 2ND VISUAL. NO ARGUMENTS. Anyway, I've been here ever since the beginning but wasn't a co-admin before. I'm actually a very lively person but I tend to be awkward when I don't know what to say or do. *sobs* I am the first one in INFINITE who got into a relationship, to be engaged, to get married SOON and to become a father so don't tell me that I'm irresponsible. u-u *cough*althoughitendtoforgetthingsveryoften*cough* Oh well, let's get along in here and don't cause any trouble because I'm running the house kind of by myself since all other admins are either on hiatus or inactive. e-e That's all for now.

Greetings from the king of Chodings, Lee Sungyeol.



























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namjoo left o/
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naeun left. sorry.
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Applied as Sulli! ^__^
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add & reserve zina ~ c:
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Krystal left, thanks for having me
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I applied as Tiffany but I made a mistake on my first application so I made a new one and I dunno what happened (0.0)
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Reserve Jessica please♥
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