Genie High School Roleplay [OPEN, ROLEPLAYERS NEEDED]

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❝Welcome to Genie HighSchool
The most prestigious school in the world, where you can learn while
having fun, and interacting with people.
Don't let go of this golden opportunity to join us at Genie High School.  


Cut out the crap. Genie High School isn't your typical high school where you learn, take a break and learn again. WE DON'T DO THAT. 

Here, in Genie High School, we are weird. ALL OF US.

Have you went to a school where ;

  • The students want to kill the principal
  • The vice principal keep expired cheese special for the students who disobey the rules?
  • A virus is a nurse
  • The teachers are missing
  • The principal is a wimp

No? It's hard to say this but, your school is not that fun. Why don't you join us? You'll have LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN. We promise! If you're not having fun, that just mean that you're not as awesome as us ;] 




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HarumaHailey 7 months ago
Can i Joinnn?
glitchgirlslayss 11 months ago
or no?????
glitchgirlslayss 11 months ago
can i join?
namanana 2 years ago
how i miss those times we were all together -
i wish this rp can be alive again. my first rp in rpr. < 3
if you see this, i wanna to tell my friends that i miss you and love you.
- krystal c;
baekcookies 2 years ago
i miss this roleplay so damn much.
if only we can rp here again.
my first ever rp.
chanyeol, krys, baek, gongchan, yonghwa, eunji
- lee jieun (iu)
wanderwall 3 years ago
hi im back!!! i really really really miss this rp so much!!! character yonghwa, juniel i miss you guys so much! not forgetting the principal too!! you guys were really fun!
Zecreed 4 years ago
applied as daehyun
wanderwall 4 years ago
i really love this rp so much! this is the only rp that kept me alive during the time it was active. i do not wish to leave my character as Eunji! Let me keep this as a memory *cries* Don't delete this rp! Love you guys so much! Miss you guys!!
ㅡ Jung Eunji; lovexkisses
baekcookies 4 years ago
I miss this RP. It was my first RP ever and I enjoyed it so much! *I'm crying right now*
Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Krystal, Gongchan, Yonghwa..I miss all of them!

I wish to see them back!
sseulbear 5 years ago
I'm sorry but Chunji have to leave due since I must study. It's very fun to be in this rp ^^
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