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about us

about us
Visual Dreams was created on September 18th, 2013. Almost four years here on RPR. !
We provide free profile layouts and roleplay layouts from time to time. We do not take request so do not ask because you will be ignored. 
We are home to two
coders, Pizzaisdope and Aquaman. Depending on our own schedules
there is no gurantee that
we will always update constantly. Occasionally we might disappear for like 10 years then come back randomly.  Layouts shown here are not to be used on AFF since the settings on both websites are different. They will show up wonky so do not attempt. 
rules to follow

01. Favoriting is required if you plan to use a layout, upvoting is optional but appreciated.
02. Pleeeaseee don't comment asking if we take request because the answer is no. This is a gallery, not a shop. Our sincere apologies.
03. This is more of a profile type gallery so you won't be seeing a lot of roleplay layouts.
04. Please do not use our layouts as a base code.
05. You are allowed to tweak the layout as much as you want, but please do not remove the credit.
06. Comment if you are using a layout, and tell us which one.
07. You are not allowed under any circumstances to ever remove the credits or steal our layouts!! If we find out, you will be in a lot of trouble because then I have to publicly humiliate you for stealing someone's work , and I don't want to do that.
08. No bashing is allowed. If you do not like our layouts, please click away.
09. Please enjoy the layouts, and thank you for the lovable support and comments! Thank you so much for making us the most favorited layout provider on roleplayrepublic. 


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self-love 1 week ago
Using sanha
eudaimonia 1 week ago
Using byun jung ha!
lovelikeyeolxygen 1 month ago
using seulgi
chlorine 1 month ago
using secrets
LordJee 2 months ago
Using secrets <3
haenadulset 2 months ago
using the seolhyun layout! love all of them :)
lovelikeyeolxygen 2 months ago
using taehyung ~
Maeyeollie 2 months ago
I'm using Jungkook thanks!
CrownedGarnet 2 months ago
Using Seolhyun -- pink.
Thanks <3
antigen 3 months ago
using yoongi o/
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