❝romantic idol island ❞

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idol island

this is the new version of the roleplay

think this is another island? think again.

this island is for the idols and the baby-faced ulzzangs.

think you've got the power to survive?

then join us today.

--we run this island

 lay of exo m  ahreum of t-ara yoona of snsd  krystal of fx


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exoexo123 3 years ago
Applied as Yoona of SNSD :))
Aimsir 3 years ago
applied as Taeyang
-alphabat 3 years ago
hi^^ are you open?
Daring 4 years ago
omg where r guys?
-flowerbelle 4 years ago
is this open?
MIRyochi 4 years ago
nobody's probably here anymore but Sungyeol is leaving the roleplay... Thanks for everything!
EternalElf1 4 years ago
Kibum is leaving sorry it was fun though
teardrop 4 years ago
omg hi everyone.
mina is leaving. i know, it's been more than a year, but i just cant keep up anymore. the whole rp is inactive, plus real life stuffs is being a big pressure to me. hopefully, i'll be able to see you guys around again.
to suho ahjussi - i'm sorry. :c i'll miss you, really.
thank you everyone, for having me and for the loads of fun. ♡
eleutheromania 4 years ago
Hey guys!! Zelo here
I just wanted to bid my farewell to everyone. It had been great staying here. Sorry to Dani if I can't stay anymore. Maybe we could see each other again from other roleplays. I had a great time being here. It's been more than a year I've been here. Best roleplay I've ever been so far. :)
Thank you everyone!!
mermanpoop 4 years ago

please sign ono ^
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