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O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
* rolls dice * gets a 2
O-Key [A] 3 years ago
@O-Jungkook [fixed?]
O-Key [A] 3 years ago
[is this what you guys wanted? /shot. i'm finally getting to the updates]
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
@O-Luhannie Taemin smiled as he read the other's words, feeling his heart flutter a bit with pride for his mate. "Well I'm glad you thinnk so and that you seem to like and trust him.. I hope we'll get to know each other better and hopefully I won't leave a bad impression..." He kept the door opened widely until Luhan walked through and followed him with a smile, he was curious as to why the other kept writing in that notebook instead of talking but he guessed the other might be too personal and he didn't want to pry or hurt him accidently so he shrugged it off besides Luhan was a part of their pack and he was quite cute.. He just hoped he wouldn't do something wrong and scare him off.... "So what would you like to drink?" He asked as he closed the door after him..
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
@O-Luhannie Taemin pouted a bit when the other stepped away from his touch but didn't say anything because he understood.
A soft smile streatched his lips as he read through the other's words, "Nice to meet you too Luhan, I see everybody likes Binnie huh?" He giggled as he opened the kitchen's door, saying "I was just about to get myself something to drink when we ran into you want anything?" He smiled as he patiently waited for Luhan's answer..
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
@O-Luhannie Taemin watched the other curiously, noticing his nervousness and how his hands shook a bit when he wrote. He read the answer and smiled softly, straightening up and patting his stomach gently before carefully tilting the other's chin up, making sure not to make too sudden moves so he wouldn't scare him off, "Hello Luhan, my name is Taemin and I'm Woobin's mate. Sorry we had to meet this way and for thinking you might be an intruder but let's start over, nae?"
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
@O-Luhannie Taemin was just walking down to get himself something to drink, he had just woken up from a nap and his hair was slightly messy from his sleep. He rubbed his sleepy eyes as he walked into the kitchen only to bump into someone. He instinctively reached out to grab the nearest thing to keep his balance which luckilyfor him happened to be the door's handle. "Oh my...that was close.." He sighed in relief as he leaned against the doorframe and finally lifted his gaze to meet someone frantically holding a notebook to his face, "W-what..." He mumbled quietly as he read what was written and tilted his head in slight confusion, "I-I'm fine don't worry..I also wasn't looking so it's not your fault b-but may I ask...who are you?" He asked wearily, not sure if the stranger was a guest, one of their new pack members or an intruder..
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
@B-Myungsoo Thanks~
That's great, I'm glad to hear that~
O-Taemin [SH] 3 years ago
*smiles and bows*
Welcome to all the new additions to our pack, I'm sorry if I seemed rude by not greeting you earlier but I hope you'll forgive me and enjoy your time in this pack^^


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kittenonaroll 1 year ago
I'll be leaving the rp as Jinho. I'm cleaning out my non-active rps as of now :(
DreamlessMaiden 1 year ago
is this place still active?
CouldBeBetter 1 year ago
Sanggil left
Please don't delete him yet, give me a few days to save my stuff
-cherryblossom 1 year ago
taehyung left, sorry
teenfinitefan 1 year ago
Can I apply as Hanbin? I noticed it was open but I didn't know if someone else is going to apply as him.
hanahana 1 year ago
sorry, beta youngjae is leaving ><
HisKing 1 year ago
How active is this place? I'm looking for another omegaverse rp but I want an active one.
PCYbaby 1 year ago
I would like to join, but I notice you have a lot of inavtive people and I'm not sure exactly who to be >< Do you gusy have any doms/alphas on your wishlist?
Sweetangel 1 year ago
Could you add and reserve Jonghyun from SHINee for me please.
-cherryblossom 1 year ago
Reserve Taehyung for me please.
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