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Byeongkwan 4 weeks ago
@Sungjin Byeongkwan was sleeping peacefully on the bed, curled up, eyes shut closed. He really had been tired after a long training, getting home after midnight. Even though he knew Sungjin was busy, he didn't mind it at all and instead every day he patiently hoped soon the other would be back from work. Somehow even in his dreams it was still you invading them. Suddenly he heard a noise, for a moment opening his eyes.He wanted to check, but he still felt tired and wanted to sleep at least a bit more, probably it was just Honey waking up earlier again for a walk. That puppy was like a little baby, it needed lots of care, but it also made Byeongkwan happy cause it made him feel the need to take care of someone else rather than just himself. He rolled around in bed, pulling the covers closer as it was winter and he hated being cold. Little did he think Sungjin would be back at this hour.
Sungjin 4 weeks ago
@Byeongkwan (First! MERRY XMAS!!!!! and second...poke :b)
Sungjin 1 month ago
@Byeongkwan Its early in the morning, probably near 5am ahen he finally arrives home after the last fly. His steps are cautious, himself being on his toes as he makes his way inside the familiar walls. Insodez everything's quiet. Just the bare sound of soft breathing. You. His Bee. His partner. His lips curl at the though. And that's when places his bag down, getting ride of his jacket, that the sound of something running thro the floor caught his attention, having just enough time to eye the direction before having Hiney crushing into his legs. Barking and jumping, the four paw animal tried to get the man's attention. With ease.Sunghin crawled down to pick the pet into his arms, nose rubbing against the animal's snout as he made his way to the room, hopping you were still asleep after all Honey's commotion.
Byeongkwan 6 months ago
@Sungjin (*pokes* uwu)
Byeongkwan 6 months ago
@Sungjin For Byeongkwan wasn't easy to trust people, he had that typical cold shell that seemed hard to break through and that sassy part of his personality, definitely was an addition to make it harder. The younger male's eyes fell on the black Honda, he definitely didn't know Sungjin liked motorbikes, but then again what did he knew when back then all they did was throw glares at each other? His big eyes looked right into's Sungjin, a silent nod as he let him put the helmet on.
Byeongkwan hopped behind you on the motorbike, wrapping arms naturally around the older male's waist. Only to hold on to Sungjin during the ride. "Okay then. Ready, Flower." Says with his deep voice, quite excited to see what the other had in mind.
Sungjin 6 months ago
@Byeongkwan The eldest kept smiling as the other replied to his small interventions, automatically making some mental notes about the younger. If he recalled correctly, Byeongkwan was more of a closed face, barely even smiling, at least, when sharing the same room. Again, he couldn't blame him: himself used to be a jerk during those times. "Hum hum, I'm just hoping it will turn out to be acceptable enough for the other. He hopped. Closing the door behind them, Sungjin led the other out, stopping in front of a black Honda. There, he took hold of one helmet, extending it towards Byeongwan "Trust me" he whispered, gently placing the object over the other's head and clasping the ends so it would be secure and does the same to himself, hooping on top of the vehicle. "So, first stop, eat. Ready?"
Byeongkwan 6 months ago
@Sungjin "Sure. I have an intuition." He said, of course, joking about it, as he himself had no idea what he had chosen, or at least not fully yet. Byeongkwan originally never put it as an aim to find someone special, but a small bit of him felt excited to know what Sungjin had been up to. He was just good enough to hide most of his emotions, which made him often seem quite cold and indifferent. "Motorbikes? I love motorbikes but I don't really have the needed liscence to drive one.I love the high speed, it's exciting. But...why do you ask?" Byeongkwan grabbed his key, walking out of the house as the older guy held the door for him. The younger male turned around dowards him again."Are you gonna keep what you have planned a mystery, Flower?"
Sungjin 6 months ago
@Byeongkwan He sensed the weird and wondering look sent towards him and that made him chuckle. It was normal. But, this time, the younger could surely breath relieved: the two fists held two possibilities of "date", and as the rest of the day would go on, little games would be played as a way to build up the activities.
Surprisely enough, the one the other picked involved sushi as lunch. He grinned,completely pleased with the idea as he opened his palm, two little plastic rolls being showed. "Guess you know what to pick." He uttered, placing the rolls down as he then walked towards the door, holding it open the Bee could walk out first. "Tell me, hows your relationship with motorbikes?".
Byeongkwan 6 months ago
@Sungjin Byeongkwan looked at himself in the mirror, running fingers through his hair. It's not like he was trying to look flawless, no one was. And even though to look his best was what he always tries, something felt different this time. The younger male felt weird nervousness for spending time with Sungjin.It felt weird seeing the older guy after a while, now as his pair. Used to the silence of the house when no one was around, when he heard someone calling him a bee, the greyhaired male turned around. "Flower? Ah, yeah I'm ready I think-"
The view of the older male just casually undressing like that, and dressing up for their ''going out'', made Byeongkwan stare just for a moment before his gaze fell on a random spot on his right side as he leaned against the wall.

He wore black jeans, a navy blue t-shirt, matching it with dark sunglasses on top of his head, as the sun was already a bit strong. The scent of his perfume was a light one, with a touch of lavender.
His dark eyes curiously eyed both hands of his pair, now extended into closed fists in front of him. "Pick one?" //I wonder why.// Byeongkwan thought to himself as he pointed to the left hand closed in fist. "This one. But why?" /Maybe another joke of his like the old times/.
Sungjin 6 months ago
@Byeongkwan "Bee, are you ready?"

It's what the eldest asks the moment he steps inside the house after working all day, still with his attire that he rushes to take off, leaving himself almost completely exposed to the younger. Eyes roaming through the main division, a smile erupts at his lips when he finds the small figure standing a few meters.
" I'll just change quickly and we can go. " he says, taking quick steps towards the room so he can collect a pair of grey pants, matching it with a stripped red &white v-neck shirt. Perfum, a light fragrance, a quick fix on his locks and he is ready to go. Moving towards the other male, e extends both his hands ,closed in fists." Now you pick one".
Sungjin 6 months ago
Byeongkwan 6 months ago
@Sungjin He remembered this guy quite well... no, they weren't close, but how was he supposed to not remember that guy, who always managed to somehow piss him off. Whenever Sungjin was around, there would be a glares and constant jokes, some of them making Byeongkwan want to know what's exactly going on in that brain of his. One moment, they glared at each other, because Sungjin knew very well how pissed off Byeongkwan can be, and the next one, he was acting as if nothing and throwing jokes as if they were close friends.
There was one thing, however, that he couldn't deny. That guy definitely was much more handsome than he remembered him. Maybe it was just the fact he hadn't given the needed attention to the male till now, as his focus was elsewhere, or maybe it was just the fact he was giving him the full attention for the first time.
"Late night snack? Sure why not." Byeongkwan replied, his dark eyes piercing the other as his gaze then fall on the outstreching hand, for him to grab. "There is really no need you know, right?" The younger male asked as he grabbed the other's hand, handshaking with him.
Sungjin 6 months ago
@Byeongkwan He knew that was the kind of reaction he should expect but that doesn't mean it'd hurt less. Sungjin remained at his place, allowing the younger among the two to take his time to process everything. Himself was surprised; first, because he wasn't even expecting to see the fierce male again- after so many years; and secondly, out fo everyone, him? His match? How come when their past relationship -if that could be named as one- was nothing more than glares, scoffs and, of course, Sungjin's constantly jokes. He knew how a pain in the he was before.

"Are you up for a late snack?"

He asked, already taking a few steps towards the younger, his characteristic smile booming on his tiers as he eyed the other, not being able to hold his gaze only at Byeon's face. The boy had grown to be even more breathtaking. Next, he rosed his eyes back at the shorter male's ones. "It will be on me" he added, stretching his hand towards him, for a greeting. Proper one.
Byeongkwan 7 months ago
@Sungjin Byeongkwan entered this house with zero expectations. When he heard someone entering and claiming out of nowhere that he is his pair, the grey haired male was ready to throw words like daggers."I am Byeongkwan but why are you even here now--" After all what kind of pair would appear just a day before their first week was supposed to end.

Then he saw who it was and went silent, his dark orbs scanning the other's face..../I know this person..../ He thought to himself. "This must be some kind of bad joke." The younger male suddenly said, knowing that the guy infront of him was someone that he knew from university years before dropping out. Weird thing was destiny, wasn't it? Now again Sungjin- the guy he used to always act supper annoyed at, was infront of him again, as his pair, someone that people from The Show actually thought could be a match.
Sungjin 7 months ago
@Byeongkwan It was when the eldest stepped and talked that some noises were heard. Ears pearking at those, he stood at the entry, still being able to see the whole division ahead. And then, messy grey locks followed by a slender body was at his display, his own head tilting to the side as he watched the stranger Male's back.

"Hello, I'm Sungjin and I know I'm late but...im your pair?" He softly spoke before having the younger facing him. A gasp was released followed by a soft snort. He knew that face. He knew the young Male. " what a nice surprise..."he hummed, brown orbs meeting the youngster's dark ones.
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Byeongkwan 7 months ago
@Sungjin Almost a week passed. Byeongkwan wasn't excited about this whole pair thing as it was his friend that signed him up in the first place. Even this fact however couldn't change he felt a bit stupid coming to this place and seeing no one was around. "Maybe he is busy would work and would come later.' He said to himself on the first day. But when no one appeared that day and the next one, he realized that he was waiting for someone that probably gave up. There were two days left of this week, he decided to not let himself be bothered of the fact he was alone and just focus on his work, like he was supposed to, in the first place.
The male was just back from training ten minutes ago, the first thing he did was lay down on couch and shut his eyes closed. Suddenly someone broke the silence, Byeongkwan's eyes opening immediately as he sat up, his mind alarmed, as he heard the door opening and a voice stearing the silence.
. "What the-" The grey haired male stood up. He had a slim but well build body, his crop shirt showing a bit of his toned body as he got up, his dark eyes scanning where the voice came from. ready to jump at whoever it was. Not even for a moment would he think this would be his pair.
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Sungjin 7 months ago
@Byeongkwan A new chance.

Was what the flight attendant thought while standing outside the door, still in his uniform since he'd just arrived from a long flight and, knowing that his pair had been waiting for almost a week by now, he just wanted to arrive as quick as possible so he could explain; at least, before they would part ways. Twisting the knob, the male slid the door open and stepped inside the division, orbs moving to find any trace of someone's presence; that's if the other was still there by now.

"I swear I'm not a robber," he said, loud enough so whoever was inside could hear and not get ready to jump on him with a baseball bat. Or something close to that.


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