chanhee & joonyoung


pair house

who's that boy

that's looking

back at me

i don't know you

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chilicrab 5 hours ago
hi!! i used to be liu yangyang on here on a different account, is there any way to retrieve my old character & reapply??
swtner 1 day ago
dropping wooyoung, don’t want to hog a character. Thank you for having me!
Yikessir 1 day ago
Lee dongwook pls!
-gonedays- 2 days ago
Can I get park seonghwa as a second
temperature 3 days ago
wait i don't think my comment reply was seen so can i get cai xukun as my second, please uwu
EtherealMoonlight 4 days ago
can i grab park jimin as my second, please? :)
_cutiepieren_ 1 week ago
Golden child's Choi Bomin for me please?
junlovebot 1 week ago
may i please reserve hwang hyunjin from stray kids?
Yeosanggie 1 week ago
hello, sorry i lost muse
yeonjun is taking his leave i may come back later on since i really like this rp really
temperature 1 week ago
i'm contemplating on getting a second character.....
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