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This room is for the whippedt, that jisoo just randomly thought of one fine everning because she needs friends who understands the culture of being whippedt for their s/o

◇ lalisa manoban [¹²²⁰] 2 days ago
@◆ jackson wang I-- Ahdhshshsh pfft you can enjoy that privately-- i mean what okno ahdhshs

no uno reverse card :< I'm gonna hype you up and just for you
◆ jackson wang 3 days ago
@◇ lalisa manoban [¹²²⁰] https://twitter.com/Lisapullstar/status/1202235480940527616?s=20
bby im pulling the reverse uno card :000
◇ lalisa manoban [¹²²⁰] 3 days ago

@◆ jackson wang https://66.media.tumblr.com/7baa9e4489538244c19da00d5691f065/tumblr_q28l1nXoQx1uf1uq1o1_1280.jpg

i'm legit speechless.
how is this fine man,,,, mine?
droools :ooo
◆ lee sungyeol 1 week ago
haha,yes you are~
my y queen and cute princess
◇ lee mijoo 1 week ago
Cute Princess
y Queen
◆ lee sungyeol 1 week ago
Yes,a y queen
◇ lee mijoo 1 week ago
◆ lee sungyeol 1 week ago
◇ lalisa manoban [¹²²⁰] 2 weeks ago
@◆ jackson wang [h] AHDHSJA shhh bby.

covers your face. too public
◆ jackson wang 2 weeks ago
@◇ lalisa manoban the answer is: sit on my face, that's it tqvm u can go now
◇ lalisa manoban [¹²²⁰] 2 weeks ago
@◆ jackson wang [h] https://twitter.com/AmiraAmiran/status/1197732357429555202?s=19

gonna just drop it here for your eyes
◆ choi san [⁰¹⁰⁴] 1 month ago
@◇ son chaeyoung well it's yours to steal so u w u SNJSjsn
[post deleted by owner]
◇ son chaeyoung [¹²²⁰] 1 month ago
@◆ choi san Noooo Don't let your heart implode, I can't steal it now :(

okno axhhddj i should shut my mouth
◆ choi san [⁰¹⁰⁴] 1 month ago
@◇ son chaeyoung JNNFJNJGNJGNJGNJ ms bias you're too adorable my heart is imploding
◇ son chaeyoung [¹²²⁰] 1 month ago

@◆ choi san https://66.media.tumblr.com/b51814a115a3e09635b7f006631fee51/tumblr_q0jynmt5Ur1uf1uq1o1_540.jpg

hello mr bias, this kind of sums up my heart.
okay that's all. thank you for coming to my ted talk


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fallenheart 2 days ago
Sorry babe, but my short stay came to an end, could barely keep up in much rps coz of work;;
piixiedust 5 days ago
Taeyeon had to leave, need an rpr break
pixels 5 days ago
ten and yuqi will be on semi-hiatus frkm 12/06 to 12/18
thank you in advance
eurydice- 6 days ago
hello, soojin, hyejoo and tao will go on hiatus till the 20th. Thank you uwu
Augusthree 1 week ago
Can i get chungha plsss
mephisto 1 week ago
hi cuties! may I please request a hiatus for minghao, seokwoo, san and lucas for the maximum time allowed? thank you.
sunberry 1 week ago
Chaeyoung and lisa will go on hiatus till the 20th!
fallenheart 1 week ago
could jessica jung be added pls bby?
mammon 1 week ago
yeji, minkyung and joy needs to go on hiatus until 27th of hiatus pls, and thank you!
piixiedust 1 week ago
Could i get a hiatus on taeyeon pls?
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