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◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i'm sorry, baby. your hubby still forgets to check his notifs most of the time lmao rip
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Lmao
Probably bcs you dont look at your replies still
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 week ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] why am i seeing this just now
aaaaa my heart
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 week ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EX9M4IDVAAAoqz3?format=jpg&;name=medium

Me whenever you have to go
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 3 weeks ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Giggles and reaches up to pat your head. Alright alright ill stop, dar.ling. Gives you a sweet kiss on the lips right after as compensation for teasing you. Yeah it is isnt it pmsl but the reading was sadder mkay! Lmao. Ohhh? I guess you have a point there. Well Im glad you aren't bored tbh, finding it amusing is better than finding it boring. Have you tried it? Mine was an Owl, a cat and i forgot the others rip pmsl. A few is more than many compared to just one mkay lmao smh. Well maybe not that intense i guess its just me but i mean! My neck is my hotspot so of course im going to think of it as intense. Blinks when you actually let me go, turning my head around to look at you before sighing quietly in dismay and mutters to myself. And here I thought he'd be more assertive...ah maybe I didnt do it right...Gives you a quick look over before giving you an 'okay' sign. Got it. Mmh... are there any open during this time?
Hhhhhhhh tbh it sounds very annoying, he should have more faith with his girlfriend and understand better. Well if your gut feels says so then she probably is. Smart that he doesnt tell her tbh, that would be just a whole can of worms and more stressing for the girlfriend. Pmsl ah yes, i know how that feels, yeah at least you gave him some advice so its up to him if he'll take it or not which i hope he will cause most of the times they dont and its really frustrating
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] you're the only one having all the fun.. aaaaa, just keep it. i don't like where this is going anymore. my heart wants to rest. can i get a timeout or something. shuts my eyes closed as I dishevel my own hair, lips pursed. your version is too sad. let's just go with my version lmao. being weird is interesting. normal conversations are too plain, don't you think so? it needs a touch of different things such as this one. idk. conversations can tell so much about a person and their personality. and i find yours amusing. spirit animal. i'm gonna try that one first. there are a few. just a few. do i really make marking that intense. how? lmao. sighs and just waves it off, letting you go and just crosses my arms. fine. as long as you get it. i'm hungry. let's just buy a burger.
i won't even let him win because he really won't acknowledge my words if he does. actually, he chats her every single time but his girlfriend won't reply to him every morning until evening, but she does whenever she gets the chance to, and that's what i've been eagerly telling him. that she might be busy, stressed; it could be anything bothersome. but he just keeps thinking about this negative thoughts, like she might be chatting someone already. it's very annoying tbh. ikr. i told him that he should learn to trust his girlfriend. i know i only talked to her once but i'm sure she's not that kind of a person. and we both know my gutfeels is accurate most of the time lmao. well, the good thing here is that he hasn't said a word about this to her. the bad part is, he's always complaining to ME and won't even listen to my advice. welp. i already told him that. so if he won't listen, it's his lost
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] so i won't get used to itー why do i feel like you're really planning on using this against me. okay, milady. reflexively makes you kiss my lips instead
what did you think i was gonna ask anyway? affectionately pets your hair as I silently adore that heartmelting smile of yours. we do?
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Pmsl thats why I gotta keep that to a minimum so you wont get used to it even tho i actually grew to like that endearment. Then no more of those because its fine mkay? Coos and gives you a kiss on your nose
Lets out a sigh of relief before shooting you a wide smile.
Phew, my mind was already throwing unnecessary thoughts for a second there. Mmh...oh! What about that place o n o, I was gonna go and say Ill just open a new room but then I remember we have an old one wait let me drag you there pmsl
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] oh, and do take your time ( ´ ֊ ` )
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] good morning, sweetheart `
i'm absolutely weak for that endearment. i feel like i'm about to faint anytime. anyway, pls don't take away my precious kisses
gently gives you a morning kiss on your forehead
no, sorry. nvm. that was my sleepy self talking. don't be nervous, waifu. i was just honestly going to ask where should we spend our day cuz i don't wanna bury your replies
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Pmsl
Mkay mkay u v u
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] and i just want you to know that i'll be replying to all of those tomorrow. or maybe later tonight, cuz i'll be trying it on my laptop again. i haven't used my laptop for a long time now. idk. i figured that i should let you know somehow
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Issok ^ - ^
Shhhh no stop that rn, darling or no kisses
Mkay just woke up so good morning!
Gives you sleepy kisses on the cheek
Lemme just wash up hm?
.... Places a hand over my chest
Wait i got nervous hhhh what could you be asking m e
Aaaah but what is it, lubby?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] why didn't i see this. i'm
aaaaaa, waifu. i'm sorry for not seeing this on time wtfself
AXNWOMQ i feel so dumb rn. wait
let's do it pls. i'd seriously love too
i hecking love you (つ///⊂)
but but
there's just something i want to ask
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Uhm so hhhh
No i dont have any gifts yet im still uhm...making it hhhh
But uhm
Whispers whispers
Happy 2nd anniversary, lubby (. .`)
I love love love you っ>//<c` ♡
Lets spend the day together tomorrow, i hope o u o;;
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Pmsl, this is actually fun. Don't you think so, darling? Smiles at you innocently whilst my eyes twinkle with mirth. Mmh, don't you like it? I kinda like how it rolls out of my tongue so Im thinking of keeping the endearment but that might ruin its charm for you, so what do you think, d a r l i n g? Mhh, it is, isn't it. Pmsl do you think so? We could have also never met personally before, we could have been just strangers that bumped into each other and then never really meeting cause my past self died too early. Then in this lifetime we finally got to meet. But tbh i like your version better pmsl. Again, only you would say that, usually others find it weird and then others just brush it off with a laugh, and i don't really mind considering not everyone has the same interests. What are you gonna try tho? I reccomend the spirit guides, spirit animal, and the past self one. I enjoyed listening to those pmsl. Peeks at you with one eye open and softly snickers. Still, there are. Ehh... but same, my heart can only belong to my darling. Im really not but okay. Grins up at you after. Mkayy. You make markings too intense tbh...ngl. Its not its not! I was wrong, I thought it was. I repeNT. Wheezes when I caught the look you were giving. Kowai... I meant, its not that cute! Pmsl
Wheezes. Why punch each other im- but tbh if you ever started punching each other make sure you win. Wait then if he sees her online then he should just be the one that would talk to her and by talk to her I mean like ask her how did her day go and stuff and not start complaining why she isnt talking to him, while he's probably doing nothing heavy at home she has to go out and be exposed to the virus. Why would he even doubt her sjdjdjd thats like the first thing you shouldnt do because once the partner gets hurt from it the more they'll start seeking comfort from other people and that's where cheating usually starts im cri now im kinda annoyed. He should be her support not stress her out more. And lets say she was really having an attitude, because idk her side, giving him dry replies and snapping at him and stuff, then he should understand and not push it, he can still leave messages for her. She'll come around and realize her own mistake. Yeah tbh, Ill punch myself too
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i think it wasn't a good idea that i suggested this couple. my heart is screwed. covers my eyes with my hand while I wave the other at you. don't smile at me like that after calling me with such an endearment pls. it's kinda sad that we weren't together in the end though. but i'd like to think that we were also close before. and now, a little closer than before. that would be nice. and i don't think that's dumb. everything you do and think of, always catches my interest. i still haven't tried it yet. maybe tomorrow. instantly relaxes from your action, quietly enjoying it. ehh... a line of people sounds too much. but anyway, i kindly reject them ok. it's not like i'll love someone other than you anywayー i swear. why are you so cute. stares at you, amused by your sudden move, feeling rather soft. i forgot its name. i'll try looking it up later and see if i could find it. i'm glad. since i also like marking you.. but i suddenly want to know whether if it really is safe to keep something in there. bites my bottom lip as I eye you like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. wdym it's not that cute?!
yeah, i did. we actually almost fought each other because he won't listen to me and i was getting irritated of his selfishness. we were ready to punch each other that time lmao. he just kept telling me that he sees her online but won't talk to him and stuff. he wants her attention all the time and keeps grumbling about this negavite thoughts smh. i just want him to learn how to understand his girlfriend. not doubt her. because whenever he does, i kept thinking of you somehow. and it makes me kinda mad whenever the thought of me doing that to you goes in my head. like, nooo. i'll punch myself if i even think of doing such a thing
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] You know even if you do that I'd still say you're cuter than me, dar-ling. grins at you rather cheekily. Hm, I guess it is, but I'm actually really happy hearing it considering I wish for the same thing too. Mhmm its sad cause its said that my past life was an orphan and that they actually grew up dying alone, they said it was around where war is going on so they were usually always hiding bcs they were apparently really wise and that wasn't welcome then so they have to hide it. Its nice because they said that those who's actually close to me now are also some people who my past self met and helped and I just like to think that maybe our past lives met before too. And no idc if it sounds dumb its a nice thought. Ohhh that's cool, I've always wanted to learn how to read tarot cards. Pmsl that would be a normal reaction tbh. Go try it then, some are really fun. Closes my eyes as well as I nuzzle the tip of our noses together. You're one to talk??? You're the one who has a line of people trying to win your heart here hmph. Chuckles at the silly action but holds your wrist to keep your hand on your lips and kisses the back part of it. Ohh that sounds like us tho pmsl, what manga is that? People already knows I'm yours tho ....but I like your marks coloring my skin too. Slowly turns to you with a sheepish laugh. Aha...no need for that I'm good thank you shah. Crosses my arms as I tilt me head. Ehhh its not even that cute tho
Why would he doubt his girlfriend when he knows that I skdndkdnfkf you should have scolded him or something e n e. akjdfkfjfn coos. Aaaa I have a really cool hubby, I really feel lucky fufufu (๓´͈ ˘ `͈๓)
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] how can you say that after cutely winking at me! do i have to get a mirror for you to see how adorable you are! rubs my nape while looking elsewhere. it's kinda embarrassing especially now that you know it.. but i guess it's fine. we still have enough time to be together like this anxjcni. sad but a nice one? how come? a friend of mine knows how to read tarot cards though. i told her to read how my relationship with my cola will go and she just deadpan stared at me lmao. maybe i should try it too on the internet. sighs before carefully resting my forehead on your own. me neither. i'm tired of telling them that i'm not interested. they're really persistent rip. i just wanna be with my jipup... and who's trying to woo yoU. i will fitE oknobut. withdraws my hand to bring it near my lips before kissing the same spot that you kissed. wow. i mean, all of that is true.. reminds me of that manga where the protagonist loves dogs but is actually like a cat herself. and the one she likes reminds her of a dog. also, the person she likes(who ironically loves cats) see her as a cat. did i clearly explained that? rip. i do like marking you. just so people would know that you're mine ( ー ,ー) places both of my hands on your small shoulders before you could even walk away. mhm.. should i demonstrate how unsafe it is to place it there? cluctches my chest as I turn around. aaaa..
i did. i really got annoyed of him though. he just can't seem to trust his girlfriend when she's obviously having a hard time because she's still working at her company in the middle of this pandemic. i just can't stand hearing him doubt his girlfriend because i'd never do that to you ù n ú
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] But not as cute as you. Winks but ends up looking like i just blinked. No way. Sniffles and hugs you tightly. Im gonna remember that and those words will be my anchor to ground me so I wont go that insane when you start getting busy again. Do you know that tarot reading is my guilty pleasure, like I dont really 100% depend on it but I love those readings where they tell you who you are in your past life and stuff and and I tried those tarot reading videos in the internet and the deck i picked was actually a sad but nice one. And yes this and what you said are somehow related shush pmsl. Caresses your cheek as I stare, mesmerized by you, with a fond look. I'm glad. I really can't ask for someone better than you, for me you're that irreplaceable person in my heart that no matter how many more people enters my life, they cant ever try to replace you. And its like you set the bars too high now, so who ever tries I'd just ended up comparing them with you and ended up thinking about you and then missing you yep. Huffs out air before turning my head a little to kiss your hand patting my cheek. ...Fine. Nods my head with another hum. Well its just that...you dont like loud noises, you're picky when it comes to people you show affection to, you love pets on the head and actually do you know that cats have a secret spot on their head so they actually love it when you scratch their crown down to their nose and behind their ears pmsl, you're always awake at night, you like fish, you dont really move around much and since we always cuddle Im gonna assume that lmao and hm...I think thats pretty much it. Well yeah, the only times you get close to territorial is when you mark me and I didnt even think it was because you are...I just thought you like marking me..? Blinks at you once, twice before secretly taking a step back, looking back at you as innocent as possible. ...It isnt? Chortles. Fine, it probably said "nya~ thank nyou for nya food human nya~" happy?. Lmao wait ahsbdjd okay but, it was actually said that single people and those who arent in the said relationship gives more better advices because they can see both side of the story, but did you still ended up giving him an advice tho?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] lmao you're so cute. but you should know that you are, without a speck of doubt, special to me. i secretly include that whenever i pray. to meet you again in our next lifetime. and now this is the part where you pretend that you didn't hear anything from me cnsidjs. cups the back of your hand and nuzzles my cheek on your palm with my eyes closed, happily smiling as I do so. same here. i just can't get enough of you. even if we talk about the same thing over and over, i won't get tired of it. softly pats your puffed cheeks. no buts. as your hubby, i'm taking full responsibility of my baby. flutters my eyes open after you disheveled my hair. a cat? how come? lmao you almost forgot how territorial i am. shakes my head at you with a playful sigh escaping pass my lips. sweetheart, you should know better. putting it there doesn't make it safe. ....... what did it say again? can you repeat that? a friend of mine was asking for an advice about his relationship with his girlfriend and i don't even know why he even asked me. like, bro, i'm not an experienced man wyd
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] ahaha sorry for seeing this just now. i went straight to bed when i saw your message earlier this morning. the one where you said that you would cutely swing your squeaky hammer in your sleep if i don't. honestly, talking to you is plenty enough for me. but most importantly, i hope nothing ruins your mood. that would seriously make my day. and what's so bad about this? i think it's perfect. i love you, baby tenshi. please spend your time with me on my birthday heh
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] WHEEZES
Ajdbfjfj I still feel like the worst cause I cant think of anything to give you today ajdjjsjd wheeeezes but but
i hope you'll still have a happy birthday today and and today is just Bintu daY so ill give and do anything you want yes, Ill make sure bintu will be doing nothing but feel happy and I will eliminate any bad things that would ruin his day e n e)9
Jsjdjdjfjfjf somehow i got bad at making short messages im gonna cry but again Happy birthday, mi love ; 3 ;♡
I love youuuuuuu -gives you hundreds of flying kithes-
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Ajsnfjdjdjsls stop you gonna make me cry ; n ; im not that special but coming from you that makes me feel like I am ; w ; you make me feel special and im really trying hard here not to sing the next lyrics akdjdjd pmsl. never. no. not in a million years even until our next lifetimes and we still somehow meeting again ù n ú. Softly pats your cheeks with an adoring smile plastered on my face. I don't mind you being selfish about that, that makes me happy knowing it makes you happy. Chortles. I guess, but i dont really mind if you just keep doing what you've been doing all this time, bubby. May it be something you've done before a thousand times i still wont get tired of it, okay? Just letting you know. Playfully pinches your nose with a small chuckle. Huffs and puffs my cheeks. Yeah but still... Quietly coos and disheveles your hair first before putting my hand back down to my sides. Hmm..you remind me of a cat most of the time tho but yeah the wolf part is also there...but you also very much remind me of binturongs too because they're nocturnal, solitary and territorial animals. Though I dont know if you are territorial or not cause I dont think ive seen you be all "mine"-...on second thought nevermind. Yes, yes you are. That...I dont think thats how that works?? but okay pmsl. .....yes...? Nods my head with a cheery hum. Mhmm, it was probably going all "nya thank you for nya food human~" coos. Hm? What is it?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] i don't know why you're getting that idea but anyone who leaves a person like you is making the biggest mistake of their lives. i'd rather wait until you're sick of me tbh lmao. presses a lingering kiss on your crown. that makes me really happy. i guess i really am selfish. chuckles sheepishly. we really need to figure out a way on how to express our affection for each other in another way. rubs my chin in a playful manner. i will. fondly pets your hair. it's fine. as your hubby, my job is to worry about my waifu. feels extremely happy from the excessive headpats that I'm receiving from you, leaning more into your touch. sometimes i think, maybe i was a dog in my past life. or maybe a wolf.. ofc. i'm your baby hercules hah. really? hmm.. then i guess i'll be dead if you start doing something cuz anything you do is cute to me. oh, and you think the key is safe there huh? pokes your puffed cheek with a smirk. you think so? it would be nice if that was the case ( ´ ֊ ` ) oh, i got one more to tell you
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] Pmsl. Hm...well...okay...but just remember to tell me if you are mkay? ó n ò I wont be mad or stop you ú nù. Relaxes as your hand feels light running through my thick tresses and quietly enjoys listening to the rhythmic beat of your heart. Hm that's fine by me...I dont really plan on spoiling anyone else with my love if its not you. Giggles in your embrace and looks up at you. Right?! That's how Ive been towards you too you know! I was like, what else do I do to make my point across but not to be redundant rip. Chuckles lightly as I stare back at you with a wide smile on my lips, nodding my head a little. I'll make sure to share some of my worries to you...and so should you too mkay? Beams at the sweet kiss and holds the urge to attack you back with multiple kisses. Ive gotten better now, there's still some times where I just feel like something is clogging my throat, I think Im just having a sore throat. Sorry for worrying you, lubby o n o. Wjjsjd pls, I understand. I get competitive when it comes to games too and sometimes I forget to do other things once im in the zone rip. Pmsl thats a very good bintu. Coos and pets your head a few times. Wow guess I can thank this pandemic for one thing pmsl okno but Im glad, good job, Bintu. Gives you a few more head pats cause deserved u w u. Alright, if you say so. You're a baby too thooo. Chuckles with a shake of my head. I didnt even do anything yet, you adorable dork. Furrows my brows as I puffs my cheek when you suddenly flicked my forehead. Hey! No, you're is and that's that. Im closing this topic. locking it. and putting the key in my bra. Hah. Softly coos as I picture a cute cat being friendly with another big cute cat and giggles to myself. Maybe she's the leader of the pack and she was saying thank you for giving them food, and she probably sensed your nice and quiet nature and didn't hesitate to approach you. Ohh just thinking about it makes me all soft
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] it's better that way lmao. i'll make sure of it. continuously runs my fingers through your hair in a lulling manner. well, they're missing out a whole lot of 'this'. and i'm not planning on telling them cuz i'm selfish like that. cuddles you up in my embrace. aaaa. how am i suppose to love you more than i already do. i mean, i don't know how to express it in any other way. sometimes, i just wanna take you to bed and kiss you all over your face and body. gently pushes you off my chest just enough to cup your lovely cheeks and carefully rest my forehead against your own. if you feel uneasy or anything related to that, just tell me ok? i'll kiss your worries all away. smooches your lips before letting out a smile. are you still having a hard time breathing?; ofc. but i seriously just need to know how to escape this gaming instinct in me. i just keep going back lmao rip. although honestly, i've been asleep all this time, that's why i couldn't drop by here again. praise me for sleeping like a log, jipup. also for drinking more water too. cuz i can't spend more money for cola than i already did these past weeks ripx2. i'll start fulfilling them one by one before making another promise. yep. and you're the baby here so shush. clutches on my chest. sweetheart, please don't be cuter than this. i'm having a hard time here. softly flicks your forehead. no way. yours is just.. dangerous. i swear, it really is. quietly enjoys the way you were playing with my hair, humming in delight. she was kinda bigger than the rest of the cats. white fur with a few different colors on the middle. i think it was gray and yellow. they were all cats too. she's the only cat who liked me. it was really amusing
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] All your unexpected antics are my expectations from you, love pmsl. You sure you really wont leave me? ú . ù Mhmm it really is the best. Hums loudly against your chest and lightly shrugs my shoulders with a laugh in my muffled voice. It's prolly because you somehow ended up loving me a lot and they don't pft. Smiles softly at your next words and nuzzles my face deeper as I deeply inhale your scent before releasing a big contented sigh. I'm glad, cause you did nothing but bring me joy and love that I thought I didn't need. So hearing that makes me feel at ease. I already scolded myself shush thats why im scolding you now. Its just difficult to breath with this cough I have, but I somehow figure out a way to breath a little better when lying down so its fine now. Yes, allow me to be a little bit more selfish and steal a little bit of your time in this pandemic. Ehh still 1 glass a day? But I guess as long as you're still drinking water then its fine, yes you are a good bintu. Remind me to give you more head pats later. Do? Are you gonna start fulfilling your promises now? Giggles as I retract my hand off your chest, simply enjoying this sight of you being cute in front me right now with amusement twinkling in my eyes. Its because you are a baby! You just like to pretend you arent hmph. Pouts my lips and crosses my arms on my chest like a kids throwing a tantrum. I want you to start doing those promises you owe me that's like a year old already. Okno, let's just do what you feel like doing? Snickers and steals another smooch on your lips. Oh trust me, you have no idea how worst the affect yours have on me. Let me win this one. Purses my lips to stop myself from chuckling from your expression right now and intently listens to you instead, feeling my face softening up its features as you start; the corners of my lips lifting up in a small smile as I state up at you with an affectionate look while my hands founds its way up at the back of your head and began playing with your soft locks. What did the cat looked like? Were they all cats or kittens?
◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] 1 month ago
@◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] yes. pls expect the unexpected from me. EXCEPT if it's something like "i'll leave you" or something related to that. cuz i'll never leave my baby hah. alone time is the best fr. leans down just enough to inhale your scent that I dearly missed. really? i don't understand why people don't find it cute though. cuz everything you do is just soo... gently takes a handful of your hair to bring it up close to my nose, nuzzling its tip there. you just make me so happy. tell that to yourself, baby wyd. and how come you're having a hard time sleeping at night, hm? and that's also one of the reasons why i love you, BUT now we need to give my darling some of my time too. ofc. i kept my promise. i drink 1 glass of water a day like the good bintu i am. aaa, you're right. i better stop promising for now and do the others first. feels a whole lot softer as you rub my chest. wait, noー stop rubbing my chest. i'm gonna faint. aaaa. rubs my own chest after you smooched it. i can't help it. you make act like a baby. flashes a grin. you seriously deserve a reward. so what does my baby want, hm? stares right back at your eyes with much anticipation. oh, are we talking about my smile? cuz you have no idea what your smile makes me feel. wraps my arms around your little waist as you encircle yours around me before humming, looking ahead with my eyes squinted, as if i'm thinking hard about this. mm... well.. aside from spending my time playing games.. honestly, there's really nothing much that i've done this past weeks. ohー that one time when i went out to feed our dog. there's this pack of cats that suddenly came out and asked for food. so after i fed our dog, i came back to our house to get some leftovers and fed them too. after that, there's this one cat who immediately purred at me and rubbed herself on my leg
◇ thehun’s laifu [oh jisoo] [A] 1 month ago
@◆ jithoo’s lubby [oh sehun] icb you kandkfkd lmao
okno but i already explained it at the wall so dw uw u


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daisuke 3 months ago
hello love - may I get seokwoo cc'ed to Kim taehyung please?
ilmatto 3 months ago
kim yeri, yeh shuhua and boo seungkwan please
50a3e7de05248de067ee 3 months ago
boop! I'll be leaving my charas and reapply with a new account.
pixels 3 months ago
hiatus until the 25th for ten and yuqi, please!
Nyanyanande 3 months ago
Could I have Kim Sejeong?
Sehunbooty 3 months ago
Hey I apologize for being inactive can I return as Park Jihyo pls ;;
insomniadreamer 3 months ago
may i have Kang Daniel for my fourth and Park jihyo for my friend heckles?
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