kim seokjin 2 weeks ago
@min yoongi /my lips naturally responded to the softness of your own ones. Kissing you a little deeper as I pour out all the love I haven't been able to shower you with.
I'll make sure you won't lose me again. And that I won't lose you as well. We do. We deserve to be happy. Especially you baby- /mutters against your sweet pair that I couldn't help but kiss over and over again. Arms squeezing you gently against me.
min yoongi 2 weeks ago
@kim seokjin *lips searching for yours, I gently lean into their plump fullness, gently rubbing the heel of my hand against your back soothingly*
You told me when you left that it wasn't my fault and I completely understood it as something you needed to do. I was never upset with you, never mad. Maybe a little upset and bitter at life because I lost and missed you. I never stopped trusting you. *I say softly into your lips*
I just have been waiting for so long Jinnie, don't we deserve to be happy?
kim seokjin 2 weeks ago
@min yoongi /gazes at you with a gleaming pair of orbs, filled with that undying love I have for you even after I left. There was a pang of guilt in my chest whenever I'm reminded of it. But seeing you smile, it at least gives me hope.
Are you really willing to marry this man that have left twice and may have hurt you because of it? /I muttered with a small lopsided grin. Kissing your lips softly for a moment and press my forehead on yours.
I love you.. and I have thought about marrying you someday. But I feel like I might have broken your trust. And I'm hoping to build that once again and love you like you deserve. I love you baby and I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you--
min yoongi 2 weeks ago
@kim seokjin *arms wrapped tightely around those broad shoulders, my lips chasing yours fervently as your lips tease my tingling face. My legs are dangling on either side of your thighs and there is a dopey smile that has inhabited my face*
Hyung.... Is it ridiculous? Um, can we get married?
Like I know you were gone and but all I want and have wanted was to be married to my best friend. You. Like even after you left I kept thinking silly things like us getting married, surrogacy because I want babies that look just like you hyung. I want a whole damn family with you.
[post deleted by owner]
min yoongi 2 weeks ago
Jin - Yoongi /nibbling on my bottom lip after what you have said. Only agreeing with you now and I nudge you in a bit closer to me. Not wanting a gap to be present between us as I have missed you so damn much. I then picked you up, arms secured around you and carries you to the couch. Settling you on my lap and embraces you snuggly. Kissing the side of your face and the corner of your tiers.
Wish I could just hold you like this forever..
min yoongi 1 month ago
I don't think anyone is gonna get me that way or put up with my weird passive aggressive behavior that way ever again. I'm already a failute at making friends.
min yoongi 1 month ago
I miss hyung's piggybacks. He never complained.
park jimin 1 month ago
park jimin 1 month ago
park jimin 1 month ago
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin good-
/mutters softly just nuzzling my face into the top of your head with a happy hum/
Uh huh- thats very true but we're making the most of it right?
/presses a kiss to your forehead before I'm getting settled letting my eyes fall shut/
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi I’ll never get sick of your love, facts
/I shifts a bit with a low hum , sliding a leg between yours as I practically lay on top of you
Because you’re a brat. And that’s that. Well of course, honestly I’d be a boyfriend if not especially when time together is a little less right now. Plus, you’re very pretty to look at.
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin Tch so rude babe. I'm just trying to love you down till you get sick of it.
/teases though in a small daze as I return every little kiss with a happy hum. My arms tightening around you once you're settled back against my chest with another chuckle/
I cant help not wanting to listen. Do I? That makes me happy..
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi You’re right, I wouldn’t. But I’d still scold you and beat your . So don’t make me fight you, I’m short but I have a black belt.
/I warn playfully, leaving a few more kisses to your plush lips before laying back down on your chest
and don’t want to listen. you will always have my attention.
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin chuckles softly as you squish my cheeks just giving your a playful smack before scrunching up my nose.
Baby me, you and everyone else knows that you wont be able to just ignore my presence-
Hums happily as I oress my lips back against yours with a small grin forming on my lips.
Im only a brat cause I want your attention.
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi narrows my eyes at you despite the warmth that spreads throughout my chest at your chest. Using one hand for balance, I use the other to gently squish your cheeks
then I’ll beat your or just not respond because you need to sleep. How about that huh? How like them apples?
/taunts with raised eyebrows, a smile peeking through as I lean down to press a loving kiss on your lips
I love you so much but you’re such a brat, geeezzz. I always attract the brats.
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin blinks a few times just staring up at you as you speak. keeping a straight face for a moment before my head is tilting with a small smirk forming on my lips.
I could say yes, I'll do that but nothing is going to stop me from trying to spend more time with the most precious person in the world to me. I'll definitely do what I can and make sure I give you good night love but I'm still gonna go to my limit.
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi No
frowning, I push myself off your chest to peer down at you with a pointed to look decorating my features
Stop doing that okay? Your sleep is important and yeah I may be a hypocrite for saying that but you work so hard and you deserve sleep. So don’t stay up for me, I’m greedy for your presence but I’ll wait.
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin raises a hand to card my fingers through your hair gently. a soft hum leaving me before I'm letting out a soft chuckle.
Hm thats true...I'm sorry baby. I keep pushing myself to much to stay up and than jot getting a chance to snuggle you.
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi meshes my cheek to your chest , smuggling impossibly close

honestly, we haven’t been cuddling a lot lately and it’s really throwing me off my game
cuddles are equivalent to caffeine for me
song mingi 1 month ago
@park jimin snorts lightly fixing myself on the bed just tugging you into my arms
park jimin 1 month ago
@song mingi throws you on my bed tbh

Cuddle time
song mingi 2 months ago
@park jimin /shifting myself to ait on the edge of the bed glancing back at you with a small chuckle/
You can do the easy stuff then...or you can just watch. Your pick baby.
/pushes myself up to stand before holdi g my hand out to you/
park jimin 2 months ago
@song mingi We have it because we were supposed to feast but things happened and we’re all busy separately
I can help if you want, I’m only good at fixing breakfasts though
/sits up in the bed, ruffling my hair a bit
song mingi 2 months ago
@park jimin /tilts my head to the side and just let out a faint chuckle at the suggestion/
Octopus stir fry coming right up, for my baby.
/grins pushing myself up/
Do you have octipus here or do we need to go get some?
park jimin 2 months ago
@song mingi Mmmm
/hums out in some thought, squeezing you in my arms a bit as I rack through my brain
How about octopus stir fry?
song mingi 2 months ago
@park jimin /hums out faintly as I move my lips with yours. My arms sliding down to wrap around your waist/
I will indeed...tell me what you want and I'll make it for you.
/whispers nip at your lower teir/
park jimin 2 months ago
@song mingi A little bit.
/mutters then slotting our lips back together simultaneously pulling you down with an arm. I let out a laugh, trapping you in my arms/
You gonna cook for me?
song mingi 2 months ago
@park jimin /chuckles softly as I look down at you with a grin rolling over enough to hover over you. Lips pressing against yours in a sweet kiss before nudging my nose against yours/
Are you hungry?


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