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Goooooooooooood luck




order can be alphabetically or manually decided. (is recommended you decide who sits where, and remember it!) dares and truths can be made up, failing to complete anything results in penalty from the other players. 

1- truth 

2- dare 

3- truth 

4- roll again 

5- dare 

6- other players choice what you do.

clean predares: 

take off your shirt and have someone draw hearts around your s then greet someone outside the game as if nothings wrong.

do a cute dance while singing a explicit song 

go up to someone and say "your clothes would look better on me, can you take them off"

sit on the person you like the most in the game's lap. 

get on all fours then say "i had to fart"

clean truths:

whats the first thing that attracts you to someone?

do you have a crush on anyone currently? whats the first letter of their first and last name.

who would you react the slurping the same noodle scene with and why?

dirty truths: 

if you had with one person but moaned someone elses name, who it would it be? (could be anyone in the game or outside of it)

thoughts on threesomes or foursomes? would you do it if your partner asked? why or why not.

if you were given the choice to date two people at the same time, who would it be?

three biggest kink? or what kink would you consider getting into? or are you vanilla? 

if dating/taken: whats something bad/ty/ect that you kept from your partner you did/thought about before? if single:  whats something bad/ty/ect that youd keep from your partner? 

if you used toys who would you let watch? (has to be someone outside the game) 

if your partner was terrible in bed, would you tell them? 

if you were a star, who would you make a video with (could be inside the game or outside)

dirty dares: 

pick one player to give you a hickey and another to rub your inner thighs. 

go behind one player and whisper against their neck something ual while gropping their crotch

share something embarrassing about you while bouncing on the player to your rights lap

flash the players

straddle a player of your choice's lap and beg them "pull my hair, daddy!"

give the player across from you a breath kiss. 

take a body shot off the player to your left.


more truth and dares to be added! 


Posted on the 8th of February 2019

Yoonbum 4 months ago
Hinata 4 months ago
Okay, I can do it!
Ban 4 months ago
we needs more people
Kuroo 4 months ago
surree but you're gonna need more peopleee
Hinata 4 months ago
Can I play?
Kuroo 4 months ago
Ban 4 months ago
who dares the play


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mysticriddles 3 months ago
Hi, I saw that you guys were moving and I'd love to join the new rp! Could you contact me when the new rp is up?
devilish 3 months ago
hhh is this still active?
i don’t know if i want keith kogane or yuri ayato—
SeoulVamp 3 months ago
a+r Deidara please? ^^
minchan2 3 months ago
who to be
itachi 3 months ago
okay after all that fun—-kakashi please
itachi 3 months ago
eudaimonia 3 months ago
Hello! I don't think I saw him so can I get Itachi Uchiha reserved please?
& I have a feeling why this rp was advertised on my wall, haha
PokeMaster 3 months ago
I saw. The ooc did not help too much. LOL
Buuuut I think I’ll go with Yato? u w u
Is it possible to get a second chara now itself? I promise I’ll be active hhhh
PokeMaster 3 months ago
oh man
hhhh I wanna be so many characters
meliodas or light?
or even L
or yato
omfg this hard
ForsytheJonesIII 3 months ago
oh sangwoo from killing stalking for me pls. sankyuuu
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