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Choi Seunghyun [A] 1 week ago
@Wu Yifan *I stops from marking your skin on your neck just to chuckles from what you said and lean to press my lips gently to yours, after the soft kiss I pressed my forehead on your forehead and whisper*
I love you
*I smile and stops groping your chest*
let us removed this
*I hold to the hem of your shirt and removed it from your body, making your upper body . I stare at it, smiling with fond of affection in my eyes. I run my fingers on your skin, tracing your abs, and then leans to exchange my fingers with my lips from tracing your skin. I am looking at you while I am placing soft kisses on your chest, my lips are moving down until I am leveled on your . I kissed it first before I started to on it. I keep it gentle, I don't want you to think that I am actually just stopping myself from ravaging you. I rolled my tongue on your crown while my other hand is groping your other chest*
*though I am your my crotch is still pressed on your hand for me to feel more on the sensation that it gives to me*
Wu Yifan 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun /my tongue move to your warmth, then we kiss again, and our tongue playing again. I close my eyes to the kiss-- how does the kiss intoxicate me more than the alcohol did? I remember you were saying that I'm around so many people and you sometime get jealous of it, but you really shouldn't--because no one had reached me this deep. As in literally with your tongue, and metaphorically with your heart/
What? mm not--
/your words really embarrass me. Because it might be truth? Am I that greedy now? I'm really embarrassed. And you embarrass me further by making me moan with your lips. I bare my neck for you, enjoying all the , and I want more and more of it. You can actually do it all over me and mark my pale skin until it bruises and I won't protest much about it/
/stares at you and try not to moan too loud or too much at the touch to my , trying to prove that i'm not too eager for it--just for my ego. I just let small hums with my chest heaving up and down under your palm/
oh look who's in a hurry
/press my palm to the bulge on your crotch, tracing the shape as you press forward, now it's my turn to give you that teasing look/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 1 month ago
@Wu Yifan *I on your tongue when you bring it out and offer to me, my hand that is caressing your cheek goes to your nape and hold it to make sure you won't back away. After your tongue, my tongue slither around yours, swirling and twirling it to each other and then seize your lips once again, nibbling to your lower lips while tilting my head from side to side to capture lips fully*
*stops the kiss to softly chuckles when I feel your hand on my crotch and teasingly looks at you*
someone is in a hurry
*instead of capturing your lips, my lips went to your jaw, traces it until I reach the lower part of your ear, kissing your earlobe first before it and then goes down to your neck, your sensitive skin and only leaves it when it becomes purplish-red, kissing the mark before doing the same thing to the other spot of your neck. Smiling to myself since I left the mark that is so visible that you will need to wear a turtle neck or scarf just to hide it but who will wear those things during summer*
*my also started to travel on your bad, the one that is holding your nape first caress your arm and squeezed your hand before it goes under your shirt and touches your flat tummy before it goes up and s your chest then gives it a gentle massage and let your rolls on my palm before it starts to pinch and plays on it*
*I didn't remove your hand on my belt instead I move forward and pressed my crotch more on your hand, giving you unspoken consent to do what you intend to do*
Wu Yifan 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun It's alright. I'm strong enough
/my hands are down on the table, gripping lightly to the edge while I'm staring at your handsome feature. I'm not the one touching you now. You're the one touching me, and that send warmth to my heart. I want you to touch me everywhere and say those words over and over again to me. Only to me. No one else should hear that but me alone, and I want to boast about it all over the place/
/my eyes follow your lips as it's come closer. I've waited for it, so I smile as I tilt my head up to catch your kiss. Our lips pressed in that initial gentle kiss. Then it gradually get deeper as our lips started to move. I scrunched the side of your shirt and pull you closer with needs, my head tilting as I sneak out my tongue and offer it to you to take, to be devoured, to taste all of the alcohol inside your mouth. I hum at it, my head still feeling so light, and I close my eyes to the kiss. You're always so good with your tongue. So hot, I want it all over my skin.
My hand sliding down to the front of your trouser, fingers slithering over your crotch and provoke the front of your belt with a tug/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 1 month ago
@Wu Yifan You mean we should do something that can produce something?
*smirks and though I still wanted to feel your soft and round against my palm I don't mind the feeling of absence from it since your warm palm is keeping my hands occupied. I followed you, locking eye contact between us while my eyes are staring at you teasingly*
I will try not to hurt you
*I smirks and stand between your legs, my hand that once captured by you is now caressing your blushed face, letting my fingers gently caress your soft cheek*
I love you more, more than you could ever think
*I and bite my lips while you are emptying the glass and when the last word leaves your lips, my lips go down to yours and pressed it gently. I started to moves my lips, opening it to capture your sweet tiers while my hand is holding to your jaw, I tilt my head to the other side, fully taking your lips and tagging your tongue out*
Wu Yifan 1 month ago
@Choi Seunghyun /you're clearly not that dense and I'm actually quite obvious to where that word lead to, but you just get to mention it again in question form. I know you're teasing me, even with that serious face on. And despite I want to just whine like a kid and say 'please', I didn't do it. I stare at you with another poker face to win against your serious look/
well..we can do a productive thing
/your hands on my is just a sign that you're actually know where this lead to. My lips still persistent on your neck, kissing, and smiling along the information about the strong table. I lift up my head still with that smile, staring at you and holding your hand to walk backward, luring you back to the table again/
I don't mind it hurt
/says that still without context, but I was talking about the absence of lube on this room. And I sit on the edge of the table, tugging you close to set between my legs. My face flushed as I stare at you, it's not blush, it's just the alcohol that's finally get to me. My head feels so light and it's like I'm slipping in and out of consciousness/
I love you, seunghyun...
/says that with a smile that I rarely have, eyes still locking on you. My fingers found something on the table. a glass. I take it, I drink it empty and place the glass on the chair instead of the table. the table is for my body anyway/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 2 months ago
@Wu Yifan *I am trying to look serious while doing the examination and hiding the excitement that growing inside my body, I also tried to keep a straight face even though I already knew what you wanted for us to do. I my lips, just to tease you and show you that I have a great time doing those things*
We can what?
*teasing you more and damn I am not wrong from my speculation, I closed my eyes, enjoying the sweet sensation that your simple action did, I pulled you closer to me to gives a gentle on your *
it's not only the size that is good, but it is also quite a strong table
*keeping my hand on your , giving it gentle massages while I tilt my head at the side to gives you more rooms to move on my neck*
Wu Yifan 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /smiles at your lips on mine, gladly parting it for you to check. And your hot breath to my neck actually pretty triggering for me. Who even check someone drunk by doing this. You just want to make my knees weak and it does work/
Alright..then we both are not drunk it is?
/stares at you, narrowing my eyes briefly. I was wanting a kiss on the neck but you just retreat back and now I'm craving for it yet I don't have a gut to ask/
I'm thinking..maybe..we can--hmm...how do I say this
/already ed half of your shirt at this point and I peel the fabric to expose your chest. I then lean my head to the exposed skin, pressing my lips to your collarbone up to the side of your neck, going up to your ear/
I mean...there's a good sized table there, seunghyun
Choi Seunghyun [A] 2 months ago
@Wu Yifan for a starter, it will be like this
*pressed my lips to yours and pretended I am checking if your mouth taste the alcohol but actually just taking advantage of the situation to kiss you once again*
your mouth doesn't taste like one, maybe by this
*I leans and goes to your neck, gently sniffing your smell but almost kissing your neck too*
you smell good but don't smell like alcohol then you are right you are not drunk.
*shake head and just watching what you are doing*
no one, I am living alone in here and people just come to do the house works then left as soon as they finished.
nothing in this part, I wanted this place secluded, why? are you thinking of something?
Wu Yifan 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /chuckles along with you and I kind of stop breathing because of your hands. Then my breath kind of goes faster after I release the breath. I'm still really really trying to look fine in front of you. Our eyes still locking to each other and a smile still linger on my lips. Not wanting to show you that your touch get me so worked up like that/
Then how do you test if I'm drunk or not?
/runs my fingers to your collar, tracing it down to your buttons and I smirk as I poke the button with my finger/
No one will come down here, right?
/I pop one of your button/
No cctv too?
/I pop another one/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 2 months ago
@Wu Yifan I have a high alcohol tolerance, you don't have to worry I don't get drunk easily and I can still last for a lot of rounds
*smirking and playfully bite your lips before you pulled away from the kiss, my hands slide down your and just rested on there without moving It*
that is now how they check if you are drunk or not
*chuckles and gives your a gentle squeeze*
*smiling at you when you look at me, staring at your eyes I don't know but I suddenly feel nervous just from staring back at you. I keep my smile but my heart is thumping fast and since we are too close from each other I am worried that you can hear it and it also makes me shy*
we can remove our clothes
Wu Yifan 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun Few drinks? That was some big bottles earlier
/stares at you with my soft gaze, face flushed from drinking too many, but it might be because of your touch too. Maybe that's why suddenly my body becoming hot too/
Mm not
/struggling to speak between the small kisses and I end up laughing at it while moving away from the kiss and hugging you closer, pressing our chest together that I actually can feel your heartbeat/
I'm not drunk....one plus one is two.
See... I can still calculate
/pull my head back to stare at you, I feel like I can hear our heartbeat clearly in those brief silence, it's beating in a different rhythm. I wonder who's heart is that the one beating faster/
Seunghyun, it's hot..
Choi Seunghyun [A] 2 months ago
@Wu Yifan *I am starting to enjoy the kisses more than I should be, I may be already drunk because I don't taste the alcohol but only the sweetness of your lips*
I have a high alcohol tolerance...
*I tries to answer even though I am returning the small quick kisses from your lips and trying not to get distracted from it*
I won't get drunk with a few drinks
*my hands become bold as well since it started to moves around your back that sometimes goes to your and squeeze it then it will go up to your back again to caress it*
Are you drunk?
*I also ask while pressing small kisses, basically just doing what you did to me and seeing if just like me you will have difficulties in answering me*
Wu Yifan 2 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /it does really feel like frank sinatra's music is playing in the background despite no one is singing it anymore, our lips locking together with my fingers tangled to your hair, my head finding the right angle to enjoy the whiskey taste on your mouth deeper. Tongue probing yours, swirling and , and my head really feels light, I think the alcohol really get to me. Or is it the kiss?/
why are you not drunk yet?
/pulls away from your lips to speak but then disturb you from answering by giving tiny kisses to close your lips over and over/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 3 months ago
@Wu Yifan and you are a legend yourself too, Dr. Wu
*my holds to you tighten as the kiss getting deeper, parting my lips letting your tongue invade my mouth but before that, I your tongue and rubs my own wet muscles on to it then I let it going to give you the freedom to move just like what you wanted while our bodies are swaying side to side, enjoying the music that only the two of us can hear since it came from our hearts*
Wu Yifan 3 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun That better be. Frank Sinatra is a legend
/laughs too because of your words, because we know who's the most stubborn in this room anyway. I'm still staring at your lips and I lean to you too, pressing our lips together with a fond smile, light smooch at first, then it gradually heat up with all the nibble and . It makes me feel hot, but then it might be just the alcohol. I feel hot yet I keep leaning to your heat for more. My fingers tangle to your hair as I tilt my head. My lips parting, tongue poking out to your mouth, trying those kissing 'skills' that I know/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 4 months ago
@Wu Yifan is it?
*smiling cheekily and pulls you closer so I can hug you tighter*
I can't remember but I remember we are talking about the oldest song we knew and that song stucks in my head for god knows how long
*reminiscing old times with you is a lot enjoyable than reminiscing it alone and that smooch on my lips makes the things a lot better, I lean after that and pressed a soft kiss on your lips tasting the sweetness of your lips with the hint of the one you drunk earlier*
you are sometimes so stubborn you know?
*chuckling and capture your lips again, nibbling and uses my tongue to part your lips*
Wu Yifan 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /actually can't tell if I still on my right mind or not, but seems like I'm losing it when you told me that you love me/
You might not remember but when the first time I kiss you... I sung that first as the reason to do it
/stares at you then caress your cheek then I press my lips to you, kissing you briefly with a loud smooch. I then stares at you with a small smile, shaking my head/
No..you kiss me
Choi Seunghyun [A] 4 months ago
@Wu Yifan *I am staring at you lovingly but when you accidentally step on my foot my eyebrow raised and my lips got partly opened from the combination of surprise and pain but I smile and play it cool as nothing happens. And since I am happy, I continue swaying with you from side to side I even lean my head on your head and whisper "I love you" before doing a duet with you*
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me
*I smile and look at you*
hey, it says kiss me, you should kiss me
Wu Yifan 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /you pulled me as soon as I put my glass down and I just laugh somehow, even though nothing is funny, but it's just feel like i'm really happy that I keep being laughy this way. I stare at you and put my arms up to circle around your neck/
I can't sing
/laughs again and stumble backward somehow but thankfully I'm holding to you, though did I just step on your feet?/
sorry baby
/spins us around and stares at you with an unreasonable smile and start humming softly to fly me to the moon and sing few of the words/
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, darling, kiss me
/ends up singing it anyway/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 4 months ago
@Wu Yifan No, you are diety
*the teasing smile was replaced by an amused smile, grinning from the friction I felt after that nudge. I am already tipsy from all the alcohol that I drunk that I quickly stand up and pulled you with me, encircling my hand on your waist while the other one holds your hand that is lifted in the air because of the alcohol I feel confident with my dancing skill and doesn't hesitate to pull you and dance with me*
I don't have any entertainment appliance in here, can you sing for us instead?
Wu Yifan 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun I know. I can pass being a model
/said that jokingly and I give you a look when you suddenly catch my hand between your legs. I laugh while looking away, my hand still persistently perching on your thigh, I didn't pull it away despite what you did/
what deity? ma go?
/casually laugh while moving away from your hold to my chin, taking the filled up glass again and drinking it with no hesitation because I feel like I'm still so far from being drunk. Then I slide my hand up until it nudge to your bulge as I put my half full glass back to the table/
i think we need some music
Choi Seunghyun [A] 4 months ago
@Wu Yifan this is just 2 bottles... I am still good
*is actually a little tipsy because of the drinks mixed together but not drunk and a million away from being drunk like the last time. I trapped your hand between my thigh with a smirk and a teasing expression all over my face, still smirking when I bring the glass near my lips and sipping some of the alcohol*
you are so handsome, do you know that?
*pinching your chin with my other hand*
your look is so mesmerizing that I start to think that you are a deity
*removed my hand from your chin and takes the bottle of wine to pour some in your glass*
you are not drinking, you should finish this whole bottle
Wu Yifan 4 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /actually I always think that it doesn't matter how people perceive me, but when you're the one saying it, it's becoming matter and I smile at it, taking it to heart/
you almost finish 2 bottles alone
/as you hold my chin, I slide my hand to your knee, my gaze fall down to your lips. Then the kiss come, short, and sweet, and I chuckle at it,because I don't expect that to be short. Though I don't think much about it and just pour more drink, emptying the whiskey bottle to your glass and slide it to your way again. Then I stare at the emptied bottle, and actually start to worry about you having a really bad hangover later/
Let's stop. You already drink a lot
Choi Seunghyun [A] 5 months ago
@Wu Yifan you are cutely hot if that is a description, you are y too
with or without clothes
*I almost choke from my drinks when I feel your hand on my thigh. You look so casual while looking at me but your hand under the table is bold enough to move to my inner thigh. I smirk, placing my empty glass on the table and moves closer to you by leaning more*
I am not yet tipsy, the alcohol hasn't kicked in yet
*grinning and unlike you my arm is on top of the table, holding your chin and squeezing it then lean again to kiss your lips but just a smack since I am not sure what your plan is and I don't want to ruin it by giving you a torrid kiss*
Wu Yifan 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /keeps my eyes on you as you take my glass, observing closely with a small curious smile, observing the way your expression change, how your eyebrows move, how your lips glisten with the liquid. I get so caught up with it that your peck actually caught me off guard/
oho..are you flirting me right now, mr. choi?
/then come the second kiss and I still feel so unprepared that you probably could see the change on my expression, but I just laugh it away and take your glass, filling it up again with the previous formula and slide the glass back to you/
i'm cute? aren't I hot?
/drinks my wine to empty then smile to you as I pour more to my glass. I don't drink it yet though, I just put it aside. I put my hand to your thigh under the table, long fingers slipping to your inner thigh as I look to you chugging your alcohol/
seems like you already tipsy
Choi Seunghyun [A] 5 months ago
@Wu Yifan * watches you while mixing the drinks, I have some lemon at the kitchen but not sure about the syrup you are talking about though I feel lazy to go besides I want to spend more time with you so I didn't stand up to get the lemons nor asked you what kind of syrup you need. Smiling and take my glass, swirling the liquid inside before sniffing it and nod*
this smells good
*I take a sip and another sip, then another one. Taking the taste to capture my palette before looking at you with a questionable expression on my face. I lean and pecks your lips*
now that is what the missing taste is
*smiling and finished the drink that made you make and pecks your lips again*
that is a surprise, I thought I am always insane when I am not with you
*chuckles and pinch your cheek*
so cute but I am not drunk, make another drink for me
Wu Yifan 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun /shakes my head at your question. You probably already noticed by now that I'm not experienced with this and that about alcohol beverages. I have zero understanding about it except just drinking what's been served/
I'll just mix this and it probably will taste horrible without the lemon and syrup
/smile with my eyes looking down to the glass. I take the glass. Pouring the whiskey more than half of it then pouring the wine after, letting the red staining the liquid to a cloudy mixture, wishing this taste like that whiskey wine cocktail I drink before/
I think so? Want to see how you look with less sanity left on you
/doesn't back away when you lean close to my face. I just push the filled glass back to you with a little laugh/
I think it gets to you already...
You're drunk aren't you? Mr. Choi?
/also lean forward close to your face/
Choi Seunghyun [A] 5 months ago
@Wu Yifan you are just being biased
*laugh at you and stop to drink, I actually have forgotten our bets at this rate I am just enjoying the drinks we have together. I placed down my glass and looks at you with an amused expression but my eyes are looking at you with a daring gaze*
You can mixed drinks? are you sure about that?
*I then pushed my empty glass in front of you, crossing my arm on the table and lean forward*
Ok, makes me a drink
*I chuckles with your question and pursed my lips together*
I don't think so, is that the reason why you want me drunk?
*leans forward closer to your face*
besides, I don't think I still have a secret that you doesn't know
Wu Yifan 5 months ago
@Choi Seunghyun that doesn't mean you are a real demon
/smiles hearing your laughter, actually also just joking about my question because I want you to smile/
/sipping my wine a little while keep staring at you, seeing how you want to get drunk despite how we already bet on it. I will automatically be a winner this way and it's better to not remind you of it, I just bite my lip, biting away from a chuckle/
do you want me to mix it for you?
you can sit and drink, I will serve it for you
/put down my glass and pour the whiskey to your glass once it's already emptied. I put my elbow on the table and lean my head on my palm, staring at you with hidden adoration smile. When else can I watch you get drunk. I'm just there pouring you the whiskey while taking a sip of my wine once in a while/
Hey, do you usually will open up when drunk?
Like spill your secret all over?


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