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For anything that's not in character. You get the deal. Please don't come in here to just be upset all the time though. Boo tomato tomato!! 

If the safeword [ KING DEDEDE IS NOT PLEASED ] is used, change the topic.
♡ na jaemin [A] 1 year ago
♡ koo junhoe [A] 1 year ago
it's just a bad day yes
♡ koo junhoe [A] 1 year ago
i swear it's.mercury in retrograde or sumn because i'm going through it
♡ song mingi 1 year ago
physically sleepy
♡ lee gahyeon 1 year ago
mentally drained
♡ na jaemin [A] 1 year ago
time to go rest :c
♡ lee jeno 1 year ago
♡ jeon jungkook 1 year ago
That moment you go to a job you have no qualifications for and you hate it. Also that it took forever to get

Then go into a job you went to school for and get an interview in seconds
♡ lee jeno 1 year ago
Screaming at song kang jaehyun and win damn
♡ minatozaki sana [A] 1 year ago
@♡ lee jeno all of the floor tickets came with soundcheck so we had no choice really, if we wanted soundcheck. but the tickets after tax and service was 526.87 :”)
♡ lee jeno 1 year ago
@♡ minatozaki sana Hdhdhd nothing important noona just that shdhdj
♡ minatozaki sana [A] 1 year ago
jeno i have a meeting for an hour but just tag me here about questions :>
♡ minatozaki sana [A] 1 year ago
jeno pspspsp


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Dustofspring 1 year ago
Congratulations on the feature heheheh
yuqiqi 1 year ago
Is this a priv rp?
shinmenu 1 year ago
should i join
justanothername00 1 year ago
why am i not being replied ene;;
narcotic 1 year ago
liminal 1 year ago
pp baws, it’s mi
justanothername00 1 year ago
saikouda 1 year ago
choi soobin please!
dalgona 1 year ago
May I reserve Choi Beomgyu please? ^^
shreddies 1 year ago
i be honmk
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