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Ship: Yuwin

Nakamoto Yuta Position: Dominant top
Dong Sicheng Position: Sub/dom bottom - can be very sub or very dom, or a balance of both. Depends. Will always be bottom though.


  • Perferably semi-literate (one paragraph or less)
  • Can be literate (maximum 3-4 paragraphs) depending on time, plot and response.
  • I'm busy, but can respond quicker if I take a liking to you ;)
  • Fluent in English; Perfers someone who is as well
  • Prefer third person with "quotations" for plots, if you'd like to make a seperate chat for just conversing IC/OOC, I'm totally down!♥

short ex. of my roleplaying style: "Stop hyung, why are you so touchy?" Sicheng rolled his eyes, annoyed with Yuta's behavior. Perhaps he wasn't actually annoyed, but in denial.

Plots & AU:

  • Open to most.
  • Prefer something normal for now.

Plot Idea: Sicheng had never come to think that he'd fall for one of his me mbers, especially a takoyaki loving obsessed, per verted, cocky Japanese man that always seemed to get enjoyment out of watching Sicheng hide the unwanted blush on his cheeks or the way he'd stutter in his broken Korean because of Yuta's stupid flirtatious remarks or when he'd shamelessly grab the back of Sicheng's thigh without permission. 'Damn you, Nakamoto.' Sicheng scowled to himself, almost making the older believe that he was actually annoyed. Of course, Yuta saw through Sicheng's every performance and wouldn't stop until Sicheng gave into him; Yuta's every word, touch and look of sultry making Sicheng fall for him day by day.

Platform?: Amino & Facebook


  • 14+ because I'd like to do sooner or later
  • Be active for the most part
  • Stay in character, you do not know how hard it is to find NCT roleplayers that actually play their part :'c
  • Single-verse, so if we date I better be the only one in your eyes~
  • The more you write, the longer it takes for me to respond
  • Timezone is MST
  • I will be roleplaying as Sicheng, of course

(I'm desperate for a Yuta yall, if you have a concern with anything I put here or you don't apply to one thing, hit me up anyway and we'll see if we can work things out)


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empty- 2 years ago
I rp as Winwin. That .
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