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hello friend( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

please only advertise when i say i am looking thank.
kind of looking

boys i usually rp: nct (mostly taeyong, jaehyun, and sicheng), exo

girls i usually rp: yeri, luda

buuuut i'm open to trying others of course. : " )

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notable things from pretty ppl k

g'day m8 [A] 15 seconds ago Reply 
wikihow to have as much game as ahjussi

g'day m8 [A] 13 seconds ago Reply 
ahjussi : says something
every girl within a 90 mile radius : drops

jang yeeun 1 minute ago Reply 
thats what i have come down to
calling ahjussi assjussi

jang yeeun 1 minute ago Reply 
micro and assjussi 5ever fam

jang yeeun 52 seconds ago Reply 
yknow tfw assjussi has you shook cause same

kim nahyun ( h ) 2 minutes ago Reply 
mood: ahjussi
un: ahjussi
status: ahjussi
lifestyle: ahjussi

french fry that's hotter than jihun 1 minute ago Reply 
ahjussi, feed me something.

lee minhyung ( h ) 1 minute ago Reply
says something about assjussi

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kiwi blackpink48 seconds ago Reply 
ahjussi loves watermelonpowa


yutachmytralalala lowkey prince 49 seconds agoReply 
micro x assjussi
everyone's goals byE
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