KʟɪᴍᴀX - open - who would believe it's nice if no one tries to join? - i repeat, no face chasing - desperate for dem boys /kicked. - #KʟɪᴍᴀXfirstcampingtrip - come join the fam before the 26th!

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KLIMAX. A new girl group that just debuted and is already very popular. But no, that's not the main point.The main point is that KLIMAX were the ones who finally persuaded the K-pop Industry that idols can date freely. No dating prohibition. Come and join this roleplay now! You can date freely and join shows that can boost your fame!


KLIMAX is just a group that we created. This roleplay is not just about dating, it's about joining reality shows and making new friends too!


actually, just kidding lmao. we have been lazy asses and we're sorry for those who have been following us since the very first KLIMAX. yall should know that we are lazy but we'll try to maintain this im serious. okay bye love yall butts we welcome new ppl and our butts back okay! join us muah <3333333333



rules and guidelines

001. favourite is a must.

002. no ooc drama.

003. respect everyone.

004. straight only please.

005. password is iwontfacechase

006. 3 days dating ban--

007. 7 days, 3 warnings and you're out. :D

008. leave a comment after applying and before leaving or we will add

you back until you comment.

009. please use the application form in the rules page to join.

010. no face chasing, if we see face chasing we will chase your face out-

special butts

opened for the 5th time
on 19 november 2016

to the butts from all the previous roleplays below, we're sorry, don't be mad at us we love yall <3

klimax 2.0 (actually 3.0)
klimax (actually 2.0)
klimax (original)





mark - taka

gd - ilhoon

jinjin - hoshi

top - taeil

chani - chen

wonho - b.i



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bindaass 17 hours ago
Lalishalisha [A] 19 seconds ago Reply
really want someone to call me noona-
the old kook called me noona but now there's no one
okno bye I'm so random

reasons why lee chan should be here

lee chan just come here ' u '
wassowasso 19 hours ago
[SH] Tzuyu 3 minutes ago Reply
oohh damn it when will we get a lee chan in here

help this child
bindaass 19 hours ago
[SH] Tzuyu 40 seconds ago Reply
oohh damn it when will we get a lee chan in here

lee chan get yo here pls
error-- 1 day ago
Is jungkook available?
lcraesj0703 1 day ago
Kyungsoo left, sorry! ;; I just have so much going on u w u
Lim_Shin_Rae 1 day ago
Chichoo is leaving~
Thank you for the memories! Gonna miss this place..
Best of luck my babies ❤
foreign 1 day ago
soohyuk gtg
Reddy-or-not 1 day ago
Yutori please (yutori is all we know)
PrettyFire 3 days ago
Somi/lee jin/whatever
Ahh good bye
lovedust 3 days ago
Arin is taking her leave
Didn't feel like I belong here
But thank you for having me
Best of luck for this rp
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