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l♤dy lΩck
the quirky rlepl♤y
The b♤sics
all pov
all orientation
life-happens au
imagine a world wherein anything can happen... anything, such as a zany manager of a new, state-of-the-art condo inviting a group of people to test its waters. a lavish place, all expenses paid, even activities to keep everyone busy. pretty much perfect, right?
too bad nobody told you that this place has something almost "magical" about it. literally anything that could happen, does here. you're all the pawns in fate's game and it seems this place is a cesspool where luck is either for or against you. here at lady luck, you all will be given the chance to live your lives as you normally do but with a few... curveballs.
Don't be afraid to test your luck here. go wild, make choices. by the end of it all, your life won't dare be the same.
1.) please favorite the rp! upvoting is super duper appreciated. 2.) reservations = 24 hours / 2nd charrie = 222 points / dating ban of 7 days / marriage ban of 3 weeks / inactivity = 14 days.
3.) no ooc drama or bashing of the roleplay or anyone in it.
4.) comment below if going on hiatus or leaving the roleplay.
5.) this is an au rp! you're not idols here. The goal of this place is to be as zany as possible, so you can get as creative as your charries as you want (no supernatural stuff though... yet ;) ). first password is "rose gold".
6.) internationals are allowed! however, no face claims under the age of 18 please! ;; things can get super heavy as well, so please be a bit mature here.
7.) this rp allows mpreg and fpreg because why dafuq not?
8.) take your time here. this rp is self-paced, so don't be afraid to skip out for classes and exams if you need some time. we appreciate activity, but you don't have to chat up 25/8 to stay relevant here. just do you.
9.) we love ic drama, but please keep triggering themes out of the rp (ex. suicide, , torture). and such are allowed in any m-rated room (basically everywhere) but let's control it in the chatrooms!!!!
10.) please fill out the app! it helps for later events!!!!
11.) omg you actually read this wow, so the 2nd pw is the answer to this question: "are you flexible enough to allow plot-twists for your character?" if not, tbh, this isn't your place.
Please tell us your character's:
▪ full Name
▪ age
▪ Orientation
▪ Occupation (any job that actually exists in real life)
▪ goals/dream(s)
▪ strength(s)
▪ weakness(es)
▪ background (3 sentences at least)
▪ personality (5 words to describe)
▪ ideal type (5 words to describe)
▪ favorite colour
▪ password #1
▪ password #2


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piccolo 3 weeks ago
you've got one catchy tittle here
-hoe 3 weeks ago
rendezvous 1 month ago
you're so cute omg
cynphael 1 month ago
vibrates excitedly
rendezvous 1 month ago
i'm ready to be ed in the thanks
antigen 1 month ago
It's coming
blessings 1 month ago
ye l l s l oud l y
daesies 1 month ago
if i had to embody this place as a desert it'd be http://foodnetwork.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/food/fullset/2008/9/8/1/easons_TruffleTarts.jpg

or maybe even http://thibeault.smugmug.com/Food/Desserts/i-sRHdMz8/0/M/White%20chocolate%20Raspberry%20Tart,%20July%203rd,%202005%202-M.jpg

liKE THIS http://redcookbook.net/wp-content/uploads/images/Raspberry-Chocolate_Cheesecake_21373.jpg
daesies 1 month ago
oh my god you know those like

chocolate tarts with like raspberries ohhhh my god let me please
trigger 1 month ago
s ide eyes -- the black border it's bothering my ocd #slapped.
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