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Dream Mate
Have you dreamt of someone whom you barely know yet you believe that that person is your special someone? Are you wanting that person to come to reality and venture yourselves until you two become a couple or end up just as friends? Join us as Dream Mate gives you your long lost soulmate come out from your dream and prove that dreams do come true.
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cutiepievan 2 years ago
Can you add/reserve Jackson from GOT7 please? thx
DreamGirl 2 years ago
Can you please add and reserve Hyuna for me? Thank you~
intrepid 2 years ago
already favorited the roleplay. however, though, i have not up voted it since i don't have the sufficient amount of points to do so (see, i am still apparently new to the site. wails.). and i'd like to reserve jungkook of bts, too.
sjalvmords 2 years ago
add and reserve soojung ty c:
makimaki09 2 years ago
Add and reserve Redvelvet Wendy please :D
queensneke 2 years ago
reserve sehun for mehh
PandaCrazy 2 years ago
Add and reserve Yoon Bora for me pleash~
[comment deleted by owner]
Knightmare [A] 2 years ago
Matchmaking will start if we get more than 30 members BI
Growing-Pains 2 years ago
Add choi juniel and reserve for me please!! XD
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