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event + updates!
hello, my hooligans, after a long time, i'm releasing another announcement. i've been really busy and the other admins have as well but this time around we shall make proper arrangements for things.
first things first. we have closed the bakery event! it really didn't go the way we were hoping and so we made an executive decision to shut it down to begin a new event. 
these events will be at least a week's length! this time, we've decided to let the rp decide what the rp wishes to do for an event. we have prison escape and animal rescue as the options.
prison escape: teams must work together to escape the prison. quests will be given over a span of 6 days, one task a day to complete. each quest completed successfully will help prisoners to escape the prison! the 7th day is the escape day, good luck escaping the prison with each item or help you've gained through the tasks! [includes:lots of rping, teamwork, games, point system]
animal rescue: teams will choose animals they wish to rescue from an accident: forest fire, building collapse, etc. the teams must work together with their members to save the animal from the accident with the tools provided. once the animals are saved, teams must raise the health of the animals every day until they reach a certain amount. after the animals are at full health, the teams will compete in a game with lots of activities to see which team will be deemed as the winner! [includes:rping, games, rolls, point system, challenges such as making moodboards, drawings, edits, poems, etc.]
vote here for the event you're interested in
now moving onto updates!
-we have now changed the temporary cc room (tcc) to a cc room where you may request for a permanent cc or temporary cc! this helps the admins keep track of everyone so there is less confusion. read more here!
-we officially hit 2 months! thank you to everyone who has stayed with us and has joined our family uwu we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you all! mucho love to everyone
- we have released a rant room. this is to keep the chat on the more soff side! this will hopefully help others not feel uncomfortable in the chat. please use the room if you need to speak out about something happening in your life! click here to rant.
-baking event closed
-character limit is now 12! 1100 pts on every chara for an 11th and 1200 pts on every chara for a 12th!
-report book will be released this weekend or next weekend (if all goes well)
+make sure to comment: [your chara's name] has read this and voted in the survey
thanks lovelies uwu ily all  p.s kelp room pls also ignore typos thx
- admin moderato (eunchae)


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