Private Roleplay? Update! Closed for now!

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Anyone interested in doing some private roleplaying with me? I’m only interested in playing the male and looking for female muses, sorry to the lads! Willing to take up to 7/5 slots so I won’t feel overwhelmed. These days I am craving -based or relationship based plots. We can add some drama in there if you’d like or keep it strictly related. I’m really craving detailed roleplaying, so if you do detailed first or third that would be the biggest plus. :) pm if interested or comment below! 

My males are usually very dominant, but they provide tons of aftercare and affection depending on what you like or the plot we come up with. 

Although I would love for someone to play these females listed: Lee Ahin, Cho Miyeon, Park Sooyoung, Bae Joohyun, Hyorin, Han Sohee, Model Jeon Boram, All of Blackpink tbh, Im Youha, Davika Hoorne, Park Jihyo/Sana/Momo/Nayeon, Kim Doyeon, TARA, or Lim Bora. I am also open to you playing any muse that makes you comfortable and that is of age. No one under 20, please & thank you. 

My list of males varies! We can discuss who you want me to be for the plot. Just to get a general idea of the men I play: Song Kang, Kim Jongin, Jay B, Bright, Kim Mingyu & Wonwoo, Han Seungwoo, Lee Hoseok, Jung Jaewon, Kim Taehyung & Jeon Jungkook, Jung Wooyoung, khip-hop rappers and r&b singers, Lee Juyeon & Kim Sunwoo, Jung Jaehyun, Hwang Hyunjin, Park Seojoon, and Cha Eunwoo. I am open to trying new muses if they're of age, thank you! :)


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revblinks 3 months ago
jj4everlove 3 months ago
Is still available? I’m interested
soular 3 months ago
raises hand
kmbbpl 3 months ago
soojmooj 3 months ago
would love to :)
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