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nihao my precious lil bby! 'tis i... your gangly graceless dork of a boyfriend here to leave you a lifetime supply of my love on your wall just so you can be reminded how much you deserve the world and everything in it. can you believe how quickly time has flew by? Congrats beb you old now too TOO ehehehe.
Now i know this came in late,,, and with that being said i wanna apologize if i made you think i forgot and for ever making you feel like You're not loved enough. I know how sad you can get when you're deprived of affection, so just gimme a call and I'll come running miles just to give u all the phattest uwus i can bust and take care of you.
so once again, happy birthday to my lovely zhou jieqiong, the star to my christmas tree, the girl who has my heart,  whom i make food for at the randomest of times, whom my cuddles have been reserved for, who makes me fall deeper in love with every day, my absolute everything. 
here's to many more birthdays together,  我爱你 宝贝 
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presidentknjhappy birthday, my sweetheart.
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