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 the low down

hello! I'm paypay, a veteran roleplayer bursting with imagination. 


i am 100% an older kpop generation, so be slow on grandma as you teach her the new groups. i stan a variety of things from kpop/jpop/cpop, I love chinese dramas (soso much) and absorb anime left and right. i tend to whip out the same muses over and over again, and i stick to them (see below). I'm always open to all varieties of characters, internationals included. my favourite thing is when two people are into their characters and can brainstorm openly! it's my favourite "game". 


i do work a full time job, and sometimes can't always be online, but i do my best to make sure i'm around at least once a week to do my replies! my roleplay style is very loosey goosey. i reply a lot more quickly in first, but i tend to be a lot more expressive and open in third. i can vary from para to multi para depending on muse! 


don't be shy to come at me for any type of roleplay! i'm open to many things!

 Nitty Gritty

rules — (1) i will not roleplay with anyone under 18; (2) i do not do /blood//vomit//ia. (3) i like to discuss major events before roleplaying them! 

female muses
⋄ jang yeeun (Clc)
⋄ song yuqi (g-idle)
⋄ kim taeyeon (snsd)
⋄ jinsoul (loona)
⋄ im yeojin (loona)
⋄ chuu (loona) 
⋄ jeon somi (solo)
⋄ seohyun (snsd)

male muses
⋄ hwang hyunjin (stray kids) 
⋄ kim junji (onlyoneof) 
⋄ yoojung (onlyoneof)

⋄ seo changbin (SKZ)

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 corner of things



under co

☆ Cinammon
First adopted Elephant. A goofball. The best LDR I've been in.

☆ Farina
Most recent elephant adoption. I can't wait to meet you;

Sample Name One
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Sample Name Two
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Sample Name Three
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Name  paypay
age  27
Gender  female
location  east canada
pov  3rd = 1st 
Languages  English/french
Activity 7/10 
fun useless facg:  i like the colour yellow 

mood levels.


Bored (80%)


Inspiration (0%)


Online Activity (25%)


Lurking (10%)

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Writing Stye: Multi-Literacy
Roleplay Preference: Detailed Interactions, No Premade Starters; Plotting preferred
Timezone: GMT +/-00
Age Restrictions: Certain roleplay interactions are limited if below 18