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he's mine uwu

god her possessiveness is so cute

scribbles 'Jennie's' on an extra sticky sticky note and sticks it on Gray
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Hi you, daddy, babe, gray, and all of the other nicknames I've been calling you these past few days and month. I cant believe it took you this long to officially ask me out-- oknojkily. I'm so happy that you feel this way about me, which is exactly how I feel about you. I love your smiles, quirkiness, and attitude that always brightens my day and night. I miss you a lot even if it's only been one day or even a couple of hours and that describes how much I'm so into you, to the point where I don't think I'm capable of getting out at all. You know I love seeing your protectiveness and wouldn't ask for anything better, because I know that you're the best out there for me. I know that you love me calling you daddy and I always end up ditching at the last moment because for some reason I'm always so shy around you and only you-- I guess whatever you feel and see around me is exactly the same symptoms of what I'm going through when I'm with you. In other words I'm pretty sure we are and have been whipped for each other since day one. At least I was.
Oh gosh I cant believe you actually saw my comment-- I'm pretty sure it was one of the girls who tagged you to it, but if that comment got you to sending me this heartfelt message then I guess I better thank them-- oof I'm already blushing at your words Lee Seonghwa and sometimes I hate you for making me this way so easily. And... I'm rambling now aren't I? I-- I guess what I'm trying to say is that I would love to be your girlfriend and I couldn't have asked for anything or anyone better than you. The couple list has nothing on you as long as you're with me Seonghwa. You're the best that's ever happened to me.

Love, from yours truly,
Jennie <3

P.S. your abs are special, after seeing them no other man and their abs spark my interest ;)
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I cant call gray oppa, cause hes daddy