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name & age: jackson wang, 24 years old

occupation: account (for a criminal organization)

abo: beta


scent description: a bit rustic/metallic bc of the suppressants he takes to cover his scent; though there are hints of something similar to sandalwood and spiced cinnamon but extremely watered down.


hybrid (mixed blood)



{ under construction } 

bio: as any beta should be in his line of work, jackson is cool, calm, and collected. a quiet brewing storm that's constantly on the verge for spiraling out of control. for a beta, he's got quite the temper and he was always getting to fights when he was a kid. trying to prove he was so much more than his assignment. jackson wasn't no dummy either. despite his rough appearance and menacing glare, he left his native china and went to one of the top university's in korea. he got a few looks for looking like he was obviously part of a gang, and attending honor classes but it didn't bother him. his schooling was completely financed through a criminal organiztion with the promise that once he graduated, he'd come work for them. and he did. while accountanting is boring in nature, there were perks to unsavory business he managed to mix himself in. being a favorite of the boss also got him into some unofficial business meetings, but jackson kept his head down, for the most part. during the first few seconds you met him he's usually mistaken for an alpha; all strong muscle and buff build, though his stocky height gives him away as a beta. he uses scent blockers, as mandated, to natural scent of sandalwood and spiced cinnamon. he smells mostly like metallic and rust that leaves a tang in the back of your throat when you get too close. his perfectly chiseled face is almost always schooled into an unnervingly calm expression, and rarely does smile but when he does, well... friends he has far and few, but they're people who have laid down their lives for him and he's laid his dfor them. suffice to say, loyalty his is strong suit and his downfall. his a man of few words and rather blunt, being in the business he's in it's better to get your words as candidly as possible before your head gets chopped off. on his down time, jackson enjoys playing sports, specifically soceer and dabbles in baseball. he also likes to practice on his piano, a hobby he picked up when he was a young adolscent when his anger issues sent him to court mandated therapy. it calms his agitation, and the termors that run through his hands when he sees red.