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kim hanbin.
25 y/o
3rd > 1st
semi-lit + lit
para + multi para
activity 7/10
❝ i know your soul is not tainted, even though you've been told so. can't you see that you're lost? can't you see that you're lost without me? ❞
 rolelpay/add rules
i am not incredibly picky with roleplay genres, if it sounds creative and interesting i am probably in, but roleplays that tend to get my attention more often are for example, roleplays where i can easily plot some angst and drama. fantasy/supernatural au's i will definitely check out as well. shadowhunters, danganronpa and harry potter being some of my favorite.
fluff, chat or crack based are a no since i'm just not good at that.

i usually play biual characters so i do have a preference for all orientations, but straight only and only are welcome too.
i do not play girls except for very specific situations but do not count on it, cuz it is highly unlikely to happen, and even then i will make them biual at best, so no full on yuri.

the roleplay obviously doesn't have to tick every box for you to add on my wall, as long as it doesn't break any of the 'no' rules and ticks at least one of my current fav/yes/okay you're fine.

- royal au
- fantasy au
- all orientations
- supernatural au
- entertainment au
- school/college/university au
- angst, drama and mature plots

- only
- anime based
- straight only
- matchmaking

- crack
- non-au
- yuri only
- fluff based
- chat based
* will roleplay exclusively with people over 18 both ooc and ic *

in i am really dependent on my muse and partner and of course uality. not really picky with positions, most of my muses are switch/versatile with only a few having a set role (for example, lee soohyuk or lucas who i play exclusively dom). i don't mind playing bottom or subs, but i do not play soft/shy subs.

for roleplay, like any other roleplay, communication is key so let's discuss details and limits over pm! i'm down for some kink play and am okay with mostly anything so let me know what you are into or wanna try. i'll only go as far as you want me to, and we don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with! if you wanna keep it vanilla that is also okay.

the only things i will not do are: and vomit play,  play (including CNC, noncon and dubcon), and blood play (though i might make exceptions for the last one).
anything else is probably fair game.
 my muses
park junhee.choi hanse.  
fav muses:
- a.c.e (junhee)
- ateez (san)
- victon (hanse or seungwoo)
- ikon (hanbin or junhoe)
- jung jaewon
- nct (lucas or taeyong)
- lee soohyuk

might do:
- pentagon (kino or hongseok)
- sf9 (taeyang)
- enhypen (heeseung or jay)
- ateez (seonghwa)
- a.c.e (byeongkwan or wow)
- victon (byungchan)
- woodz (seungyeon)
- ikon (jinhwan)
- nct (johnny, ten, mark, jungwoo or jaemin)
- nu'est (minhyun)
- jeong sewoon
- jang hyunseung
- kard (bm)
- infinite (myungsoo)
- txt (yeonjun)
- 9x9 (ice paris or jackie)

girls: extremely rare!
- kard (somin)
- exid (solji)
- snsd (taeyeon)
- twice (nayeon)

- some khiphop/krnb artists
- some internationals
   ▸ jamie Campbell bower
   ▸ andy black
   ▸ jorge lopez
   ▸ damiano david
- might do anime muses

*muse will vary depending on the type of roleplay and the type of character i'm wanting to portray
 out of character
hey, my name is daniel but you can call me dan, i'm 25 years old and my timezone is gmt+00.

i've been into kpop since 2012 so i'm more of an older gen type of fan and i am only somewhat familiar with recent kpop so there is only a handful of recent muses i will take. that said, i have no problem roleplaying with muses i don't know so everyone is welcome to roleplay with me, obviously that includes internationals, and i might sometimes use faces that i feel fit the vibe of the character i want to portray even if i don't necessarily know much about the person themselves.

i am super into anime, rpg games and thai and japanese series and movies as well, so i'm down to roleplay about these as well!

for my roleplay style i usually prefer to go with 3rd pov though i am not against doing 1st as long as it is detailed.
length will vary depending on muse, plot, and my partner since i tend to mirror my partner's writing style. it can go from para to multi-para if i notice my partner does put some effort into their replies as well and if the plot is getting interesting. if the replies are getting too short i might try to lengthen them a bit.
 public rps
» novis initiis || ent au

» new dreams || ent au

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