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─ ★ rules!

favorite the roleplay! it is a must in order to be accepted. upvotes are optional, but loved.

two: do not bring out of character drama into this roleplay. we are seriously too old for this and you will be removed from the roleplay immediately. be respectful of others!

three: "you must be this old to ride this ride" - please make sure you have at least a month of rp-ing, visible on your account - a.k.a account must be at least a month old. this is set in order to protect us from fake accounts and irresponsible people who stop playing within a week.

four: inactivity is set at 30 days - the longest possible, to accommodate comfort in rp-ing. this roleplay is a "do at your own pace" style, meaning you can reply as quickly or slowly as you want

five: you are allowed a maximum of five (5) characters per user. for more information on characters, please see the "character requests" room in the common tab. please do not hog characters! you are also allowed unlimited character changes but they cost points! this can also be found in the same room.

six: all orientations and genders are allowed. you can tweak your faceclaim's age by 5 years - up or down. given the premise of the roleplay, we are only accepting asian face claims for now. the following face claims will not be allowed: underaged faceclaims (2006-liners or younger) problematic (criminals), the deceased and those who have stated they do not wish to be roleplayed. to reiterate: your faceclaim may only be born in 2004 or earlier (international age of 19 years old).

seven: Your Age (Divided by) 2 + 8
If the characters involved in a romantic relationship don't fall into this age range, they may not engage in romantic or ual relationships.

For example:
Character A is 31 years old
31 / 2 = 15.5 + 8 = 23.5
They will not be able to date or engage in romance/ual scenarios with any character below the age of 23 within the roleplay whether it be IC or OOC.

eight: face/user chasing, in this economy?! please just no, you will receive a warning. do it again and goodbye! the password that you are looking for are the languages your character speaks and how fluent they are on a scale of 1-6 (where 1 is a beginner and 6 is a proficient speaker).

nine: although this is an entertainment au, there is no dating ban (imagine having loving and supportive CEOs and staff, cube could never) and marriage and pregnancy are allowed (no m/f-preg) after discussion with the admin(s) and a realization of the consequences it can bring upon your character, make wise decisions! move-in couples are also welcome, just give us a heads-up.

ten: because this is an au roleplay, your character's stage name does not have to be the same as the face claim's real one! this will be chosen later on, so as a trainee you will start with just their birth name. we accept both their legal (if they are foreign) and birth names, but we do prefer the birth name if possible.

eleven: for staff positions, we recommend picking a  face claim that is a soloist, actor/actress, model or an older idol. they should be aged accordingly!

twelve: you are required to obtain ten (10) points within the first month as well as have a basic profile up (nothing fancy, just some basic info in bullet points will do). failure to do so will result in being removed without further notice!

thirteen: we operate using international age and not "korean" age. if your face claim was born in 1995, they are 29 years old. you may not tweak underaged faceclaim's birth years in order to join. we will check. 

fourteen: we equip a safe phrase that you must simply say if a topic is too heavy, uncomfortable or triggering for you. the phrase is "mirror of Naples" and you can either slap it singlehandedly into the topic or work it in a sentence - everyone will know what it means and will immediately cease further discussion.


─ ★ how to join!

one: please read through all the rules, don't just stop when you find the password :)
two: check the masterlist to see if your desired face claim is available.
three: comment with your face claim's full name and desired role as per the sample form.
four: fill out the entire application on the below!

five: you can click on the word "talents" in the app form - it will redirect you to info page on the topic.
under the 'artistes' info' tab, you will find the 'groups info' room/padlet. here you can see all the idol roles and gather an idea of which groups are recruiting for open slots. 

when you apply, you can automatically go for the debuted idol position (provided positions remain open), staff or a trainee.

five: apply! reservations last 48 hours (two days) but do let us know if you need more time. thank you for your interest, we hope to see you soon!
─ ★ application!
full name:
date of birth (DD/MMM/YYYY)
character role (trainee/idol/staff etc.):
ic group: (if idol role is chosen) (see current groups by clicking profile links HERE)
stage name: (not mandatory)
brief background:
(3) talents (ranked from best to worst):
username of referral: 


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chaerrybaerry 2 weeks ago
☇ full name: choi yena
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: member of quartz
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): nabi
persica [A] 2 weeks ago

⇛ (priority) NEW BOY GROUP (wip) - members ages between 1998 and 2004
☇ Available roles: 4/5 (various talents)

⇛ STAFF Available roles:
☇ Vocal Coach: 2/2
☇ Make-up Artist: 2/2
☇ Rap Coach: 1/2
☇ Managers: 2/6

⇛ Please follow the comment format to reserve your character! If you do not follow the format we will not reserve the character! Thank you! ❤️

ㅤㅤ☇ full name: (ex. stephanie hwang)
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: ( ex. member of Janus)
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): (ex. none)
gemini_dotcom 2 weeks ago
☇ full name: park jihoon
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: trainer
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): none atm
pintobean 3 weeks ago
ㅤㅤ☇ full name: yoon jeonghan
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: janus
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): yuzu
morsmordre 3 weeks ago
ㅤㅤ☇ full name: huh yunjin
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: trainee
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): none atm
colazero 1 month ago
TokidokiHelloKitty 2 months ago
I want to join, but I have a question
persica [A] 2 months ago

⇛ JANUS - boy group with a fluctuating concept, brother-group to DIA - members ages between 1996 and 2002
☇ Available roles: 1/7 (vocal)

⇛ NEW BOY GROUP (wip) - members ages between 1997 and 2004
☇ Available roles: 4/5 OR 7/8 (various talents)

⇛ NEW GIRL GROUP (wip) - members ages between 1998 and 2004
☇ Available roles: 1/6 (rapper)

⇛ STAFF Available roles:
☇ Vocal Coach: 2/2
☇ Make-up Artist: 2/2
☇ Managers: 2/6
☇ Rap Coach: 1/2
☇ Trainer (PT): 1/2

⇛ Please follow the comment format to reserve your character! If you do not follow the format we will not reserve the character! Thank you! ❤️

ㅤㅤ☇ full name: (ex. stephanie hwang)
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: ( ex. member of Janus)
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): (ex. none)
fc477370b0c971d0066c 2 months ago
☇ full name: Park Jongseong
ㅤㅤ☇ ic occupation/role: new boy group member/trainee
ㅤㅤ☇ stage name (if applicable): Jay
vearth 2 months ago
was here 5 years ago
glad to see this place is still running <3
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