About Me

About me- The heck am I supposed to put here but okay

Gmt + 8. Medical student. Always busy.

I go by Rin so if you need to address me as the operator of my character, pm me by calling me by my nickname ^^

I have a freelance twitter account if you're interested in au/ of any kind

Let's get straight to the point

I have drafted character personalities and they mostly fit and/or au rps - also putting in my preferred character for those personalities for maximum usage

Here they are:

  • Alpha Female (Mistress kind) - Qian of F(x)
  • Alpha Male (Don't get daddy made though) - Taehyung and Namjoon of BTS, Gong Jichul, Mingyu, Junhui, and Minghao of Seventeen
  • af Switches (top or bottom? they dont care) - Taekwoon of Vixx, Hoseok and Hyungwon of Monsta X, Lau Henry,
  • Submissive Brats (Little with an attitude) - Tzuyu of Twice, Jennie of BlackPink
  • Broken Submissive (A painful back story but obidient) - Dahyun of Twice, Jihoon of Seventeen, Huang Zi Tao
  • Kind and friendly Submissive: Jeonghan of Seventeen