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before you add me


001 // Do not add me if you don't know me. However, if we've talked for a couple of times and you think I'm fond of you, feel free to add me. If you were sure I was gonna accept but I haven't, you can pm me stating where and how we met. I just have a terrible memory. 

002 // Do not add me if you make a lot of blogs weekly. I do not appreciate spam notifications. Also, do not add me if you want my attention 24/7 and are one of those friends who believe they need to be in contact 24/7 for the label "friend." I do not believe in such thing and if you whine about lack of attention from me, I won't hesitate to unfriend you. 

moderator help


- If you want to report a user, roleplay, a blog, etc, please send me a PM with links attached and provide a summary and why you are reporting them.
- Simply send me a PM if you want to suggest, ask question, talk about a concern you have about rpr.
- If you want to report someone stealing my layout/design and want to let me know, again send me a PM with links attached. 
- You can also PM me if you want to request a layout, report a problem while editing, need help editing, etc.

projects and personal works


layouts engyin layouts

layouts spring collection

layouts sparkly layouts

layouts coding project

layouts code me away

roleplay site suggestions click here to add yours.

layout made by pixels

here are a list of people i play. i only play males. i most likely will not join your rp if these people aren't open. the list is created from muse i play most to least. 


oh sehun


kim jongin


nam joohyuk


kim seokwoo


cha eunwoo


park hyungsik


wu yifan


park bogum


ong seongwoo


park seungjun


bii shujin


hu yitian


cai xukun