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friend requests

001 // Do not add me if you don't know me. However, if we've talked for a couple of times and you think I'm fond of you, feel free to add me. If you were sure I was gonna accept but I haven't, you can pm me stating where and how we met. I just have a terrible memory. Please do not bother adding me if you aren't going to make an effort to talk to me after.

002 // Do not add me if you make a lot of blogs weekly. I do not appreciate spam notifications. Also, do not add me if you want my attention 24/7 and are one of those friends who believe they need to be in contact 24/7 for the label "friend." I do not believe in such thing and if you whine about lack of attention from me, I won't hesitate to unfriend you.

moderator help + layout help

- If you want to report a user, roleplay, a blog, etc, please send me a PM with links attached and provide a summary and why you are reporting them.
- Simply send me a PM if you want to suggest, ask question, talk about a concern you have about rpr.
- If you want to report someone stealing my layout/design and want to let me know, again send me a PM with links attached. 
- You can also PM me if you want to request a layout, report a problem while editing, need help editing, etc.

other things to be aware of 

001 // Don't ever try to guilt trip me or manipulate me. I won't block you or anything like that but I sure as hell won't ever glance in your direction ever again.

002 // Don't come to me to whine about your problems without being able to handle my advice. When you come to me to rant, vent, whatever you want to call it, be prepared for a harsh reality check and advice because that's what you'll ge.  I'm not a silent listener. And if you keep repeating the same mistakes and ignore my advice, I won't have a problem ignoring you in return.

003 // RPR is just a roleplaying site. Do not expect something from me OOC just because our characters were in a realtionship. Know the lines between IC and OOC. 

004 // I'm open to pm rps or private rps as long as you can acknowledge the fact that I'm a working student and have a life outside of RPR. 

005 // Don't ever poke me regarding anything. It means I'm busy so. don't. do. it. Don' assume it's because I forgot and do it; I'll tell it straight to your face if I'm bored of our plot.

006 // Do not ask for my kkt, instagram, or any of my contact information if the thought of me saying no comes across your mind.

Muses (for when I allow ads on my wall)

Sehun, Soohyuk, Jaehyun (nct), Jaehyun (actor), Joohyuk, Jisoo (male actor), Jongin, Jaejoong, Bogum, Bii, Sen, Eunwoo, Rowoon, Seungjun, Yifan, Park Hyung Sik, Hyungwon, Ren

layout shops, galleries, projects I'm apart of

ENGYIN (my personal rpr shop where I occasionally take requests)
SPRING COLLECTION (a summer challenge where all layouts made were full package)
CODING PROJECT (a project I started to bring together rpr coders)
TAGLINE (a coding challenge with prompts)
SPARKLYGAYASSGLITTER SHOP (my first aff layout shop)

layout tutorials

Read everything on the thread before asking me for help <-- clickable