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Just because you whine and fight everyone and make dumb decisions doesn’t mean you’re a brat you’re just dumb


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01. make sure to read these before adding me or messaging me. otherwise, your message will be ignored.

02. never post on my wall. i will not hesitate to block you.

before you add me, know this


// do not add me if you don't know me. however, if we've talked for a couple of times and you think i'm fond of you, go ahead. 

// if you were sure i was going to accept your request but i didn't, you can pm me stating where and how we met because it most likely means i either forgot your username or didn't bother checking my requests.

// do not add me if you make a lot of blogs weekly. i do not appreciate spam notifications.

if you're seeking moderator help


want to report something?

follow these instructions

gather all links and names related to the situation, upload screenshots, anything that will help me grasp the problem. summeraize what happened and why you want to report the roleplay and/or person and send it to my pm along with everything else attached.

have a concern you'd like to share?

just pm me

if you have a concern regarding a user, roleplay, or this site, you are welcome to always pm me and we can discuss a solution

have a suggestion to improve the site?

just pm me

if you have a suggestion that would contribute to improving this site, i will happily hear it and deliver the message to the site creator. just pm first so i can ask you any details that need clarifying.

muses i play often in order



oh sehun

from exo


hu yitian

actor and model


nam joohyuk

actor and model


kim seokwoo

from sf9


park hyungsik

from ze:a


wu yifan



kim jongin

from exo

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