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about me
i'm just a smalltown girl, living in a lonely world- alright, no, i won't do that. i have been on rpr for about 3 years now, and have been a weird fangirl of kpop for nearly four years now. i first got into rping when i made a fanaccount on instagram for sailor moon and saw people rping and thought: that sounds fun! my first ever muse was usagi tsukino, hence my obsession over her.

in terms of being a kpop fan, my absolute favourite groups are exo, red velvet, loona, twice, shinee, and snsd. my ultimate ultimate bias is exo's chen, folllowed closely by tiffany young. i am an avid fan of sm groups (unfortunately), however i haven't been keeping up with many new groups so... yeah.

in terms of being an anime fan i have fallen out of love with the anime culture in the past years but am recently trying to get back into it. my absolute favourite anime is sailor moon, i love the lesbian magical girls. not a big fan of shounen personally, i, for some weird reason, love shoujo and when it can make me all happy and mushy: i freaking love it.

i do not watch kdramas. i do not watch most american tv shows. 

i have a weird obsession for spider-man, take on me by a-ha, and the jonas brothers. my role model is miley cyrus and shego from kim possible. lmao. not really-
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