About Me

Basic Information

  • Nickname(s): Tsuki, PB.
  • Date of Birth: October 30th.
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
  • Orientation: Biual.
  • Relationship Status: Single.
  • Timezone: GMT-8.
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Bias List

•.*★ important。 I don't always rp my bias so don't look at this as a muse list, thank you.

  • EXO: Chen, Kai, Baekhyun
  • Red Velvet: Yeri
  • LOONA: Kim Lip, Heejin, Olivia Hye
  • SHINee: Jonghyun, Minho
  • Twice: Sana, Jeongyeon
  • BLACKPINK: Jisoo, Jennie
  • Girls' Generation: Tiffany
  • DAY6: Wonpil
  • NCT: Taeil, Ten, Xiaojun, Doyoung
  • f(x): Krystal
  • Winner: Seunghoon
  • GOT7: Jinyoung, Jaebum
  • BTS: RM
  • VIXX: Ken
  • AOA: Yuna
  • Apink: Eunji, Chorong
  • TVXQ: Changmin
  • WJSN: Yeoreum
  • HINAPIA: Yaebin
  • CLC: Seunghee
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the chan to my kai; the taiyou to my tsuki. you've been with me for not even a year now but it feels like we've been friends since we were in diapers. i love talking to you everyday and i wouldn't exchange it for any sum of money in the world (maybe an exo ticket okno). if you mess with my haru you're gonnA catch these fists


one day, we'll run away together unu i'm kidding because you're straight as a stick unfortunately lmao but i love you regardless. i want your everday to be full of love and cake and just nice things u-u you're my sailor moon and pokemon buddy and honestly, my platonic soulmate


now idk if you're my best friend BUT YOU ARE MINE SO SHUT UP ENE well, one of them hh. our love-hate relationship is one of my favourites and i swear, one of these days we will actually get to rp. our love for plotting is just too much hhh. you're a cutie and i'm happy i found you in a ditch u3u okno. also stop obsessing over scorpios u weirdo ily


my big/little sister, depending on where we are. even though you thought i was a snob at first, we became close. we don't talk too much anymore but i still think of you as someone very close. it's like i see you at thanksgiving every once in a while lol. 


are you my mom? bc you're hot jk but i mean if you're related to me you have to be hot- anyways, i love you and miss you pls come back to me u3u i wanna smother you with hugs and kisses and maybe one day, i'll cuddle you as i fall asleep who knows hehe. it's been a while so pls come back so we can love each other


whenever i see your edits, you make me wanna get better at photoshop bc i kinda lol. one day i'll be as good as you, maybe even better jk. whenever i see chen, my second thought is you because you're obsessed and i mean how could you not be... miss you and love you u3u <3


we've known each other for quite some time now and i've always found it really easy to talk to you. i think you're really great and i hope we can spend more time together u3u i really do like talking to you and i think you're super fun to be around. this is kinda awk so i'm just gonna end it here hh <3

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sei hi ai 

Michie Tomizawa

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Before You Approach Me

•.*★ important。 Try to have something in mind and read my profile before actually talking to me about roleplaying. If you'd like, send me a random starter! I actually love 'em! And the more unique or out of the box, the better.

Writing & Plotting Style

•.*★ writing style。 I do script and para to novella. Script is generally done in 3rd pov, while para is done in 1st or 3rd pov. Lengthwise, I try to mirror, but I can get carried away fairly easy, so it's not guaranteed.

•.*★ plotting style。 I prefer winging over plotting most times, but I can plot. Because of this, I'll often do vague-ish plots that provide enough detail for you, but also give me enough room to play with our ideas. I also don't typically approach people unless I have a plot or idea in mind, and I really like when people do the same. Saves a lot of time.

To be honest, I also like writing starters and will most times if I know what I'm doing and if it makes sense for me to do it, but don't shove them on me. I get burned out doing so at times.

•.*★ overall。 I'm very flexible about how we actually rp and will work at your pace if possible. Like, I can do one lining script all the way to novella, in both 1st and 3rd pov. I'm really chill with whatever you wanna do!

Activity & Reply Speed

•.*★ important。 I will never poke you. Never poke me or I will ragequit/ignore you. You also don't need to remind me about me owing you a reply. I usually remember who I'm roleplaying with. Also refrain from using my activity or lack of it as an excuse to pester me about a reply. Doing like that will just annoy me and make me prolong sending something if I send something at all.

I'm usually very slow with my replies, sometimes because of the length, but sometimes because I'm just slow to do them. We can always drop/pick up our thread(s), but make sure you communicate with me. Also know that I might be active in the chat infrequently or a lot. I'm not a very consistent person when it comes to this.

Location Preferences

Honestly, I'll roleplay anywhere I can. I like rooms, walls when I'm busy, and I'm okay with PMs. Most plots I do are public friendly too, and when they aren't, I take them to PMs.

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todokanu omoi

three lights

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tsuki 月

Who wants that? I'd rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can't even sleep because I love someone too much. And there's always sadness in our lives. It's that sad feeling that keeps us going.

— Usagi Tsukino