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I. currently accepting ads.
II. i prefer only over all orie. however you may try your luck with the latter.
III. im only interested in joining if my current muses are available, otherwise pls dont advertise the place if they are not. 
IV. as far as pmrp rules- i only bottom/rp males. however (if i know you/comfortable enough) then i dont mind being a fc for you. but i usually rp my muses and my favorite pairings of them in pmrps.  im open to any genre/ideas. any plot you have feel free to express them & we can further discuss it!
V. thats pretty much it for now, you're a cutie if you read all of this <3.
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Hi! welc to mi profile. im a pretty nice person so if you see me around dont be shy, i dont rlly bite. not a new user more like a returning one. i usually kept in pmrps a lot and only recently began making my own & joining places.

if you know me from any rps or if we've talked before, feel free to add me <3. im always down to pmrp still, if you're interested, feel free to pm me and we can discuss some plots/pairings.