About Me
ad rules
if advertising:
001 i read your rules so be considerate enough to read mine.

002 no: nonau/crack or straight only, please don't bother advertising on my wall. i really won't be joining.

003  only? yes please. even better if park chanyeol is available. bonus if park jimin (bts) is available because i'll probably be bringing along a friend.

004 expect an advertisement coming your way if you advertise on my wall, even if your wall is private. got rules about advertising on your wall? i don't care, this is one of mine so if you don't want one, don't advertise to me.
. . . . .
brief ooc info:
i'm on gmt-8 if that helps. i prefer to do third, para. occasionally, i'll do detailed script if i'm feeling lazy, but please, at least give me something to reply to. please, please, please plot with me. i can't stand copy&paste greetings. rp with me in rooms! replies are really slow so i really don't mind if yours are too, just please don't forget me ;; i probably won't poke you because i'm a huge loser. if you're worried that you're not feeling our plot anymore, don't hesitate to let me know and we can drop it or work something out! i really don't mind, and i don't want anyone to force themselves for a reply or feel uncomfortable telling me. all i ask is that you tell me so i know not to wait for a reply from you. i don't mind if you poke me, but just know that i haven't forgotten you! unless we're rping on walls, then please remind me. weekends are always busy so you probably won't be getting any rp replies. i admin two active roleplays so if i'm on and not responding, i'm doing admin work; i'll get to your replies soon enough. i'm also really selective with replies when i'm feeling drained so you'll probably see me replying to one or two people and not you, but don't think i'm ignoring you; sometimes, i'm just not feeling it at the moment.
. . . . .
tl;dr ooc:
001 prefer to third para, but can do detailed script.

002 no copy&paste greetings, please plot with me.

003 if you forgot about my reply, i won't poke you, but i don't mind if you poke me.

004 i love to rp in rooms! will probably forget your reply on my wall bc i'd rather plot there. just poke me if i do!

005 want to drop our plot? let me know, please! i won't hold it against you or anything. i'd rather know than be left waiting.

006 busy weekends = no/selective ic replies. admin work = busy; slow/selective ic replies. lazy/drained = slow/selective ic replies.

007 got kinks? let me know your limits ♡
. . . . .
who do i rp:
000 park chanyeol (exo). my main muse recently.

000 byun baekhyun (exo) or mark tuan (got7). secondary.

000 cho seungyeon (uniq). may rp Occasionally.
please, don't friend me unless we know each other or if you at least talk to me.
third para
detailed script