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"oh, hey, welcome to the girl's house! you know how all this works, right? omo, you don't?! this must be your first time on a reality tv show, huh? well, that's okay, let me show you the ropes!"
kbs' newest reality show the girl's house has finally arrived and fans can't wait to see what their favorite female idols are like when they aren't filming m/vs, dramas or getting interviewed.
the girl's house has every girl group member you can think of and more are always popping up and joining the fun. they have a giant dormitory all to themselves and there's no telling what will happen!
are you ready for the funniest, sweetest and cutest reality tv show yet? 
welcome! the girl's house is a reality show based, none au,  1st pov, yuri only roleplay. ulzzangs/models, actresses and jpop artsists are very welcome.
when you join, you can pick a dorm color (pink, blue or green) and that is where you will reside along with other artists.
rooms with a heart are rooms that do not have cameras and there, you are free to do whatever you please (ex. kiss your gf/lover), but rooms with a star are rooms with cameras and there, you must be a bit more careful not to do anything that would start a scandal (ex. kiss your gf/lover).
at night you are free to go anywhere and do anything you want because the cameras will be off and no one can catch you doing something un-idol-like besides another member of the girl's house.
comment if your desired idol isn't on the master list and we will add them as soon as possible. reserving a character is only valid for three days and  please inform the admins if you are leaving or going on hiatus. read rules before applying and remember to have fun~
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status: open, accepting
wanted: everyone!!
news: pls check the annoucements!
admins: heyne, jihyun, chorong
open since: 7/30/14
last activity check: 12/20/14
members: 48



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GyongRee 4 years ago
Kyungri of Nine muses
slim_thick 5 years ago
senpai-yas 5 years ago
Madame Zhao left .
Thanks for having me here < 3
Jhopeexoticvip 5 years ago
Boa left. Sorry, I wasn't very active.
MinnieMinnion 5 years ago
please add ulzzang SeulKi (candypop model) for me <3
xoxo-xoxo 5 years ago
Woori left, sorry
treasuremoon 5 years ago
i'm sorry but nana left. thanks for having me here, all the best for the rp.
er 5 years ago
taeyeon left. no reason on staying.
jasmine_tea 5 years ago
sorry victoria left, i've been busy because of school
ishshi 5 years ago
do you guys accepting a chinese model?
if yes, can you add li ixi?
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