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The Neighbors - is a roleplay-adaptation of the movie from the same title, with the brotherhood as its main focus. It circles around the brothers/sisters' youthful lives, of which, each member takes every second of the clock to its greatest sophistication - may had it been lead into their best downfall to their worst development, bringing themselves to a step farther from their worst aspirations, the birth of their dull lives.
— A brotherhood-centered roleplay that hinders every brother/sister to be bored.

— Uniform layout is free to be used.

— The number of your points as of the week shall determine your current rank.

— Weekly announcements for the determination of your ranking shall be made - in order to recognize the topnotchers of our brotherhood.

— Everyone is forced to have fun in all means.
Our Brotherhood
Kappa Omicron Sigma
The official name of our brotherhood. This signifies the combined labeling of intelligence, uniqueness, and temptress into one group, blessed for each individual joined - we consider as our brother/sister.

The symbols for each Greek alphabet, united as one in a harmony of our brotherhood, can be simply read as koc.
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Chenmander 2 years ago
I'm not sure if we're allowed to have more than one character, but if we are I'd like to add and reserve jackson wang.
NInaJewel 2 years ago
Jiyong is on hiatus
FlyingPheniox 2 years ago
I'm going for a hiatus for about a month. sorry Minjun.
halvet 2 years ago
Ahhh I stumbled over this RP a while ago but it was completely full omg;; I want to apply but since there's really no one active it's a bit sad ;w; but congrats that this got featured <3 I'll probably keep an eye out if you guys revamp this or make another RP ;v;b
XiongMao 2 years ago
Time to leave this dead place...
Don't trust the most upvoted this week, guys.
Even those places are dead sometimes.
beoseot 2 years ago
Taeyeon is leaving bro :D
Thanks for having me here
magniloquent 2 years ago
This rp is one that contained many memories for me but sadly, I will too have to take my leave. School is starting again- sobs, and I'm cleaning out my characters as much as I can before my life returns to its usual rowdy days.mrhank you for having me, it was such a great pleasure. I, too, have removed myself from being an admin. My greatest apologies- I had given the best of my experiences ;;

fantasdick 2 years ago
I had an amazing time here. Thank you for having me here, it brings me great sadness to leave but oh well, Mark Tuan has left the building.
All the best for the rp.
Iabyrinthine 2 years ago
i'm sorry but sadly i'm going to have to leave the roleplay. i have become very busy and i won't be able to roleplay for quite a while. thank you a lot for having me here and sorry for my absent and fail of being a good admin till the end. OTL anyways, good luck and keep working hard. it was fun here while it lasted. oh & of course, i will remove myself from the admin spot.

- irene.
maomao 2 years ago
jessica left.
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