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Real life

This is a place where your dreams come true. You can be rich, middle class, or poor its all up to you. This is an AU RP meaning you aren't an idol! You can either be a highschool student or teacher. Bullying is allowed lets just say this school is real life. You cant forget to pick the clique! Teachers pick your class. Students and teachers relationship is allowed but you must keep it a secret. 






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SJV1144 4 years ago
I'll be on hiatus from 10 to 20
MundayFunday 4 years ago
Is this RP still active/open? I used to Rp here , but then I left RPR, and I was wondering since I have returned, may I rejoin?
hustle-1234 5 years ago
please add baek sumin for me!<3
MundayFunday 5 years ago
Gavin Duval left.
Ryuushi-Skyn 5 years ago
Is Jungkook available?
AhSongyi 5 years ago
I applied as Irene c:
AhSongyi 5 years ago
Urmm.. can you add Irene from red velvet?
a0944c61cd843d3a2341 5 years ago
Hyunseung left~ sorry.
DorkSoo 5 years ago
minho left sorry guys
ukissmexox 5 years ago
Applied as Kevin
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