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The fandom-beloved classic New World Entertainment is (almost) back, bringing insanely new and hella rad features! Originally established March 2013 //

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opinionated 2 years ago
Dean is leaving, hmu when you are about to revamp!
LightningStryk 4 years ago
Nari left, I'm sorry =(
If you guys plan on revamping, hmu!
ShipperHaha07 4 years ago
cries i can't believe i missed this ;; missed new world ent. so so so much ;;
DixieQueen 4 years ago
Zan (junkai) will be leaving. I'm not even active here and it would be pointless for me to stay here.
swampert 4 years ago
zhao junhao will be leaving. haven't been active lately and don't want to take up space
75bd8d51488fd100f027 4 years ago
Doing a little bit of spring cleaning to my characters because I'm heading into my Honors year
at University, so unfortunately Aiden/Junhui is gonna be leaving... for now. <3
thewallflower 4 years ago
Nayeon is leaving. I definitely do not want to take up space of a character I do not roleplay very much nowadays. Therefore, thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful roleplay. All the best <3
sonicapocalypse 4 years ago
Thank you so much for having me, but I think it's time Sujeong/Jinhee take her leave. I've had so much fun in this roleplay as this one was the first I joined after coming back to RPR after more than a year or two. So, really, it has a special place in my heart. But my university workload is now beginning to take a toll on me, and I'm drowning in the amount of stuff I have to do since it's my last semester. I've also become inactive here, and I don't think the RP deserves that. Thank you very much, again.
Everme29 4 years ago
Lia is leaving
cannibalism 4 years ago
hansolo left after a long time of being inactive
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