✨ Stupid in Love Again ▪ officially closed, no longer accepting. ▪ 18.02.2015–19.02.2019 ▪ it has truly been a blessing, love y’all. ♥

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raikou [A] 5 days ago
✨✨ happy fourth birthday SIL. ✨✨
itrustnobody 5 days ago
Cn i get jichu back?
collywobbles 6 days ago
twas fun but soyeon and yuqi gtg.
colinmaxshipper 2 weeks ago
I guess this place is just not for me.
I'm leaving
thanks for having me. Happy rp-ing everyone
maya_carter12 2 weeks ago
-babybwi 2 weeks ago
jimin’s leaving :’)
realLy busy and not active here :<<
it was a blast being here tho uwu
wish u all the best lovelies!!
dprlive 2 weeks ago
yeet could i second a hendery wong plz
collywobbles 2 weeks ago
henlo may i have song yuqi as my second? uwu
pluhmm 2 weeks ago
i've been too inactive,,,
maybe i'll come back another time. soobin out!
ppalgan 2 weeks ago
can i cc ryujin to liu yangyang?
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