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Stereotype est 2.0
adj. ;  widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing.;
about us
Stereotype 2.0 jaboi got lazy and the rp was trash so I just messed with this one. We house music heads, chill headed folk and you guessed it crack heads-- but keep crack to a minimum goofs. get ready to update yuh tech because we upgraded--
一つ: before commenting please favorite the rp, upvoting gives us a little spice too.
二つ: please leave any ooc drama at the door, this is your church. any ic drama is acceptable but make sure you can handle it. 
三つ: talk and be kind to everyone, no one likes being left out. don't be a wall flower we're all kind here,
: any orientation and pov is allowed here 
: move in couples are allowed, there are no dating bans but facechasing is not allowed, you may get married but there won't be any children here. we're not that kind of rp.
: you may have up to 3 characters but they can't be from the same group. most importantly, have fun.
: look down we made it easy for y'all
timezone- w
passwordyour favorite song
cutest admin ya know
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63f993a785eceaf70f09 5 years ago
Sorry but jessica left. Thank you so much for having me. ♡
attitude 5 years ago
sori n dahyun out thanks for the stay ♥️
xicewolf 5 years ago
Seora's slipping out. Thanks for letting me be here!
b8824fac787cc807f897 5 years ago
joohyuk left, you guys are amazing thank you for a good time
b2db8fe822e266277863 5 years ago
tae dipped tc
masagi [A] 5 years ago
cautionramen 5 years ago
Akay and Hoseok had to split like a banana. Sorry guys <3
fluffmeister 5 years ago
minhak left u n u
mrskwonjiyong 5 years ago
Jenn left
pink_lemonade 5 years ago
yoon bora left
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