*•.¸♡ thє вєst rσσmmαtєs >> “díffєrєnt pєσplє frσm díffєrєnt wαlks σf lífє lívє tσgєthєr” // вrαnd nєw / αccєptíng / jσín thє fun αnd mαkє mєmσríєs & fríєnds ♡¸.•* LOOKING FOR CO-ADMINS

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roleplay title
the best roommates
all orientations
no internationals
non au
open & accepting
3rd & 1st pov
crack allowed
current event
one title detail here
most wanted
one name goes here

small description about roleplay here.

are you living alone? do you wanna get away from your parents? do you want to meet new people? then come be a roommmate!

all types of roommates are welcome. whether you are messy, clean, shy, outgoing, or anything else, you are welcome here!

rules & apication form. 

rule 1. you must favorite the rp. upvotes are optional but of course appreciated!rule 2. keep and rated chat in walls, pms, or rated rooms. we want everyone to feel comfortable.rule 3. 3 charas are allowed if you keep them active. you must have 100 points and a blog post for a 2nd. 500 points for a 3rd. rule 4. ooc drama is not allowed. ic drama is if both parties talk through it. don't go too crazy though, everyone is living together. password is the best type of roommate.rule 5. inactivity is set to 7 days. you will get a warning and you have 24 hours to reply before a kick. after three warnings you will get a kick. if you are going on hiatus, let an admin know in the hiatus room!

character name
character age
character group (idol, etc.)


the best roommates

the best roommates


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seuIgiggIes 3 hours ago
kanna hashimoto pls
Hehe712 3 weeks ago
Hello there, can I have the actor Kim Soohyun, please?
ahgassi 4 weeks ago
could you add and reserve song mino for me, please?
MinkiMouse 4 weeks ago
Do reservations have a time limit? Cuz I'd really like my 2nd character to be Takuya
LocKeytten 4 weeks ago
Gimme Jung Taekwoon uwu

Here's my add:
nunchi 4 weeks ago
ty for everything ♡
wish to see y'all again.
neggeoya 1 month ago
<3 Park Jimin, please?
UnlockingGalaxy 1 month ago
Imma drop Hakyeon but can I please get Yu Hamin as my new FC? uwu
daeyumjae 1 month ago

uwu jung daehyun pls
maya_carter12 1 month ago
my 100 points and
blog post

may i have minatozaki sana
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