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about + rules
  A layout gallery created by yours truly. Updates are rare since I've basically left RPR, though I do get random bursts of inspiration every now and then.

A couple rules I have if you plan on using a layout:
1. Please don't forget to favorite and comment! Upvotes are not required but still greatly appreciated.
2. Most of the layouts here aren't really made with anything specific in mind, so feel free to tweak them as you please.
3. Do not touch the credits. It's there for a reason. Other layouts that have my credit on it but are not posted on this gallery means it's not for public use.
4. If you have questions about something, I apologize in advance for the messy code and my PMs are open.
5. Other than that, thank you and enjoy my brainrots creations!
(5/25/2022) Four new layouts added along with a major revamp! Existing layouts are still available for use.


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kmiso1 6 days ago
using satin thank you!
hobibuu 1 week ago
using twt, both, thank you <3
kolorhado 2 weeks ago
using gridlines! tenks
hangyodon 2 weeks ago
using milkbox!
1c305d238f3853d01995 4 weeks ago
Using Gridlines, thank you so much!
MissKittyRose 4 weeks ago
Using Pallette
kanade 1 month ago
using gosere ! ty <33
mononoaware 1 month ago
using gosere
nyxiie 1 month ago
using satin <3 thank you!
u____u 1 month ago
using twt (day ver.)
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